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Want to learn how to remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from your online store? In this post, we’ll walk you through 2 simple ways to remove it – one by directly editing theme code and the other without editing any code. 

Shopify is a brilliant eCommerce platform to get started. With a gentle learning curve and great ease of use, you can literally set up your online store on Shopify within a few hours. 

In fact, when you compare Shopify vs WooCommerce, Shopify vs BigCommerce, or other Shopify alternatives, you’ll find its ease of use and intuitiveness coming out as its main differentiator. 

While all that is true, you probably don’t want to include any other brand’s name on your own online store. And that’s why you’re looking for ways to remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from your store’s footer and other places it sneaks in. 

If you want your store to speak about only you and your products, rest assured that it’s quite easy to remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ text from all those places on your store. 

However, before doing so, consider the benefits of leaving Shopify’s name in and creating a brand by associating with one of the world’s biggest brand names out there. 

Should You Keep or Remove Powered by Shopify Label from Your Store?

Keeping Shopify’s labels on your store certainly has some potential benefits. 

For starters, it’s a great trust signal that can affect your eCommerce conversion rates. 

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Trust and confidence are major factors that determine how willing a visitor is to convert from a casual store browser to a loyal customer. 

When someone lands on an online store, they consider the superficial aspects of the site. Things like website design, logos, symbols, contact information, and social proof all make a difference to conversions. Even if they like your product, they’re less likely to buy from you if they have any doubts about your credibility. 

Having Shopify’s name easily visible on the footer creates that credibility and gives a trust signal to your store visitors. It’s especially important for new stores and brands to leave this label in the footer. 

Conversely, if you’re already an established brand, it’s much better to remove those pesky ‘Powered by Shopify’ labels and brand your online store truly as your own. 

Is It Legal to Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from Your Store? 

Yes, it’s absolutely legal to remove Shopify’s labels from your store. 

Shopify is a hosted and fully managed eCommerce platform. When you create your store on Shopify, you’re basically running your store on Shopify’s servers. Choosing a hosted platform spares you the pain of maintaining your store’s security and performance. 

However, this ease of use often comes at the cost of decreased flexibility and less room for customization. 

Shopify is an exception though. It gives you plenty of customization options – even allowing you to edit theme code and make drastic changes to the default look of your store. 

Although Shopify adds its labels on your store by default, it’s perfectly okay and totally possible for you to remove its labels from your store. 

How to Remove Powered by Shopify – 2 Ways To Do That

Shopify lets you remove any mention of its brand from your store using 2 different methods. 

One method requires handling raw theme code while the other is a smart workaround that doesn’t involve any raw code. 

Although the first method is a lot cleaner than the codeless method, it might intimidate the novice user and has the risk of making any accidental, unwanted changes to your theme. 

If you’re comfortable handling code, however, we recommend editing theme code directly. 

Let’s walk you through both the methods. 

Removing ‘Powered by Shopify’ by Editing Theme Code

To edit theme code and remove Shopify’s labels, go to your store’s dashboard. From the left side menu, click Online Store under Sales Channel. 

Click Themes to open the Themes page that shows your current theme. Here, you’ll see your current theme. Click Actions and choose Edit Code from the dropdown. 

Powered by Shopify

Now, on the left side, you’ll see your theme files. Scroll down to the Sections folder and open footer.liquid located in the Sections folder. 

You’ll see the code on the right panel. 

Now, what you need to do is hit CTRL + F and search for {{ powered_by_link }} in the theme file. 

theme code

To remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ from your store’s footer, all you have to do is to erase this code wherever you find it. You’ll need to keep clicking the down button on the search button to see all the places it appears and just delete this code. 

And that’s it!

Click save and check if it worked. 

This method is the cleanest and also very simple to do. However, you need to be extra cautious because if you delete something else, your site, especially the footer, can break. 

Removing ‘Powered by Shopify’ Without Editing Code

If you’re someone who gets goosebumps at the sight of code, no worries! Shopify still lets you remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ text from your store. 

Here is what you need to do: 

From your admin dashboard, go to Online Store > Themes. 

Here, from your current theme, click Actions and then Edit Languages. 

Removing powered by Shopify

In the Filter box at the top, type Powered to see all options where ‘Powered by Shopify’ is entered. You can delete that text by entering a single space in place of it. 

Click Save. 

As you can see, this method lets you remove Shopify’s labels from your store without handling any raw code. 

Want more advanced customizations to your Shopify store? 

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