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Using advanced technologies and modern approach, Codup offers incredible e-Commerce solutions that are extremely user-friendly and scalable. This article by GoodFirms team exhibits the whole journey travelled by the CEO of Codup – Mr. Asim Bawany

Incepted in 2012, Codup is a full-service software development company that mainly focuses on E-commerce solutions, product development, and systems integration. This award-winning software development company located in Texas, US has a full-fledged team of experienced developers, QA engineers, project managers, and business experts. 

Further, the valuable clients get exceptional communication facilities with the team members and mature business processes to ensure successful understanding and delivery of projects. Finally, deep understanding enables the team to effortlessly provide efficient solutions to the clients and their users. 

GoodFirms researchers believe that Codup’s profound experience and commendable skills in delivering robust eCommerce solutions to clients have enabled it to gain a prestigious position among the list of top eCommerce development countries in the United States. 

Team GoodFirms had the chance to interview the company’s CEO, Mr. Asim Bawany, and discuss his company’s services and how he predicts his company moving ahead. 

While questioning Codup and concisely explaining his role within the organization, Mr. Bawany expressed that Codup is an award-winning software development company located in the business hub of Texas, US, with an outclass engineering team in Pakistan. The company comprises more than 150 members, including developers, QA engineers, project managers, and business consultants working together to enable the client to accelerate digital transformation. He added that he works as the co-founder and CEO at Codup.

The Story Behind Codup

Mr. Bawany recalls that his brother hailed from 2 different backgrounds – Adam was an artist with a flair for designing. He ventured into graphic designing and started Bawany Media. Conversely, Mr. Bawany was a problem solver, entrepreneur, and marketer and started Big Moose Marketing in 2010. However, in 2012, both joined forces and began Codup intending to revolutionize the delivery of software development and create a comfortable workplace for users.

Initially, they both faced challenges, but gradually they made a great team by bringing unique and complementary skills to the table. Adam had organizational skills and was intensely focused, which turned him into a great operator and project manager. While Mr. Bawany possesses a diverse background in sales, marketing, and a natural problem-solving aptitude, enabling him to associate with the right clients, partners, and teams. Eventually, both brothers grew the company from scratch to a team of 150+ professionals. 

Business Model 

When inquired about the company’s business model, the CEO stated that Codup has an experienced team of more than 150 professionals, and the number is consistently growing. The core services of Codup include staff augmentation and end-to-end project development. Though the company holds a network of partners, most of the work is done in-house in the heart of Karachi. 

Moreover, the organization has clients from small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and large enterprises. As such, it enables the company to allow bringing in fresh blood from the best local universities and give them a solid platform to grow competently. The team of specialists provides matchless consistency and constancy to their long-term projects. 

The CEO further elaborated that the company believes in working on all four major engagement models that industries employ: Fixed bid projects, time and material projects, dev retainers, and staff augmentation. As per the business requirement, the clients can choose the model type, and with time the clients’ relationship becomes solid partnerships.

Differentiating Factors

Mr. Bawany elucidated how Codup is different from the competition by clarifying some crucial points regarding the company:

  • The company follows three core values – excellence, integrity, and dignity that sets it apart from its competitors. Every team member sincerely works on these values while dealing with the clients’ projects.
  • The dedicated team members provide top-notch communication, superior expectation setting, high coding standards, mature processes, efficient project management, and an agile environment to the clients.
  • The team members strive hard to create value for themselves, their clients, and Codup.

Industries Served 

Team GoodFirms also enquired with Mr. Bawany regarding the industries they cater to. The CEO stated that the company enjoys retail and manufacturing expertise and has a proven track record of building SaaS, PaaS, Custom eCommerce Solutions, and Travel Tech. 

Further, the team supports seed-stage startups with their engineering requirements and assists them in hiring Silicon Valley-calibre engineers for a fraction of the cost. The customer lifetime value is high, and 80% of the clients are repetitive. The passionate team members mainly serve manufacturing, Retail, eCommerce, Marketing, and Travel Tech industries.

Apart from this, clients mainly approach Codup for their excellent eCommerce development (B2B and B2C), web application development, and staff augmentation.

Customer-Satisfaction Rate

When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction rate, Mr. Bawany declared that the company holds a 4.9 rating on review platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch, which shows a reasonable customer satisfaction rate. The company takes the following steps to cater to the customer’s needs and requirements:

  • The team believes in excellence and accordingly works hard to deliver high-quality results to the clients.  
  • The company possesses a very mature process around client qualification, expectation setting, and delivery. 

Additionally, to cater to clients’ queries, the organization has open lines of communication through multiple channels like Slack, Email, Whatsapp, and Phone. Dedicated project managers. This helps in resolving client issues promptly via any channel in various time zones.

The review below highlights that Codup offers impeccable business solutions to their valuable clients and believes in building a solid relationship with them.

Payment Structure

While discussing the payment structure, the CEO mentioned that the company takes projects with a minimum budget of $5000 though most of the projects start around $20,000 and can go up.

While summing up the interview, the CEO was questioned about plans in a decade; he gladly answered that in coming years, Codup could become a global leader in the IT service industry with a robust sales and pre-sales presence in the US, UK, Nordics, and Middle east with solid back offices in Pakistan, Eastern Europe, and LATAM.

To explore more about the insight story of Codup CEO, Mr. Bawany, you can go through the entire interview published on GoodFirms’ site. 

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