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Want to develop a B2B eCommerce store? To succeed, most businesses are taking the initiative to move their activities online. Be it service companies or restaurants, their trustworthiness comes from having a robust online presence. This also applies to B2B enterprises.

A B2B business framework is where a business is selling to other companies. B2B buyers usually place hefty orders and are more informed about purchases as they usually place repeat orders.

Here, the success of a wholesale seller going online depends on selecting the right platform — perhaps the one that makes it easier for the user to sell online. Unlike the B2C business framework, where a business sells to individual consumers, B2B eCommerce exceedingly differs from it. To further explain, B2B companies need to offer a more personalized experience to give convenience to buyers. 

Since the B2B industry needs are different from B2C, there are not many platforms that help users cater to them all. And the ones that do can break the bank to get the store up and running. 

The good news is that among many other eCommerce platforms, a WooCommerce B2B solution can provide a cost-effective way to develop a full-fledged online wholesale store. Combining the functionalities of WooCommerce with the right plugins, your B2B eCommerce store can touch newer heights of success!

Why Create B2B Wholesale Portal on WooCommerce?

It is no lie that WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. However, it is sometimes underestimated in its ability to create a fully-functional and efficient B2B online store.  

Here are some reasons why WooCommerce is an ideal choice for B2B:

  • It’s Open-source: Like WordPress, WooCommerce is open-source that enables versatility and flexibility in creating a retail store. Be it adding new features to the store or integrating it with third-party tools,  WooCommerce is easy to handle. 
  • Caters to the needs of the audience: when it comes to customizing options of WooCommerce, the sky is the limit. Adding various features to improve the customer experience of the store can help you skyrocket your sales.
  • The community of WooCommerce Developers is always ready to help: whether you need WordPress maintenance or a custom feature for your store, support is always available!

Enters B2BWoo, a WooCommerce B2B solution made specifically for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. 

Let’s understand how B2BWoo, a WooCommerce B2B plugin bundle, helps users easily add wholesale to their WooCommerce store. 

What is B2BWoo – An Introduction

As said above, B2BWoo is a complete WooCommerce plugin bundle equipped with the functionalities required to develop a functional and user-friendly eCommerce platform. Codup, understanding the challenges of the B2B industry and having hands-on experience with manufacturers, created B2BWoo. Not only does it cater to the challenges of B2B businesses, but also provides optimum flexibility and scalability to its users.   

So, whether you are an automotive retail seller or creating a platform to sell bulk food supplies, with B2BWoo installed on your WooCommerce B2B store, it can help cater to the unique challenges of your business. 

WooCommerce B2B Features in B2BWoo for Creating a Full-Fledged B2B Portal 

B2BWoo is a feature-rich plugin bundle covering a broad range of B2B business aspects and catering to the needs of the audience. 

Here is an overview of everything it has to offer:    

1 – Custom Pricing For Site Visitors 

Personalized and dynamic pricing in eCommerce builds customer experience. For instance, a company may have different payment terms with different customers, but not displaying the pre-negotiated prices can significantly affect customer experience. 

To overcome this, B2BWoo allows you to create a role-based pricing structure for individual customers delivering an exceptional shopping experience. 

2 – Custom Catalog and Visibility 

Catalog visibility plugin offers control to the user to display customer-specific products and deliver a personalized buying experience. 

B2BWoo creates a catalog visibility rule for individual customers in relation to their past purchases, geo-locations, average order value, customer group, and user roles. 

3 – Signup Forms 

A great customer experience begins with signing up. B2BWoo offers its users to add signup forms on the website where buyers can signup to create an account to move one step closer to purchasing. 

4 – Request for Quote

It is no lie that business buyers often opt for custom quotations for services. B2BWoo enables users to facilitate the buyers with an opportunity to request a quote for their order by displaying the request for quote button on each product. This allows the buyers to seamlessly view quotes and proposals and proceed to checkout with the negotiated quotations. 

5 – Quick Reorders 

A quick reorder button or form for customers who order the same thing in bulk can help them automate the tiring process of checking out every time they purchase. B2BWoo helps streamline this process by offering a painless way to place orders. 

6 – Account Management 

Speaking of business buyers, the buying process is never a one-person job. You need to address the teams and create workflows that align with how the team makes purchases. 

7 – MOQs and MOVs

Setting maximum and minimum quantities for an order is imperative for a B2B store. Consider this: if a customer orders too little, the store doesn’t benefit, but if the order is too much, there is a possibility of you not being able to fulfill the order. 

B2BWoo enables users to set a limit over the minimum and maximum pricing value and the number of purchased products. It keeps you away from losing the amount because of small orders and enables you to fulfill the order on time. 

8 – Payment Methods 

B2BWoo allows personalizing the checkout option for the customers by offering them to choose the payment terms they have with the business owners. 

9 – Product Table 

Creating a robust buyer’s journey is an essential factor that leads the visitors to your website to make a purchase. B2BWoo helps users create product tables to enable buyers to search and purchase from a single page. It saves the time of the customers by minimizing the extra steps required for the customers to checkout.  

10 – Roles and Permissions

Where account management is an essential factor, you also need a robust role and permission functionality that allows you to add a corporate account instead of the individual account. B2BWoo provides features that enable your customers to add their team to the account and assign them roles and permissions. 

11 – Price Gating 

Where custom pricing and signup forms are essential for the B2B platforms, price gating is another important feature that can prevent the competitors from offering custom quotes based on the specific requirements of the customers. 

B2BWoo offers simple features to gate prices from the non-logged in visitors of the website and shows a signup option to view the prices of the product

12 – Request for Samples

Sample requesting option assists in converting a site visitor into a loyal customer. Not just that, it builds the credibility of the store by showcasing the product before the buyer purchases it in bulk. 

B2BWoo offers this opportunity to its users, giving their buyers to request a sample before they make the decision to purchase. This gives them a choice and builds trust in the retail store. 

Why Should You Get B2BWoo – WooCommerce B2B Solution?

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B2BWoo is a robust WooCommerce B2B plugin that optimizes the customer experience and makes it easier for the buyer to make a purchasing decision. It is a powerful and integrated solution that comprises everything required to make a fully functional and user-optimized retail store. 


B2BWoo is also developer-friendly! It means it is API-ready and consists of every hook and filter you need to customize the platform according to your needs. This brings us to our next point. 

It saves time

So if you already have a technical team for the job, they don’t need to spend continuous hours developing the online store but can get it up and running in less time. 


Where the B2BWoo bundle itself is cost-effective, its integration into creating the eCommerce platform saves developers time, ultimately saving the allover production costs. 

Excellent Support System

B2BWoo is not just a plugin bundle. It is backed up by a team of developers and engineers working to provide the users with support and get them through any technical problem. 

Compatible Child theme – ASTRA

B2BWoo plugin bundle comes with a fully-compatible child theme built on Astra. It means the plugin can be used to deploy a B2B eCommerce portal without having any compatibility issues. 

Third-party integrations  

B2BWoo has ready-made integration with third-party tools such as Quickbooks and Get Balance. However, if the tool is not integrated with the plugin, its developer-friendly feature makes it easier to incorporate them into the platform without a hassle. 

Get in touch with the experts at CODUP for premium WooCommerce development services.

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