The eCommerce Platform for B2B Manufacturers, Distributors, and Wholesalers

The Story of B2BWoo

B2BWoo is built on WooCommerce, the open-source eCommerce platform adored by millions of businesses for its flexibility, scalability, and extensibility – no other enterprise solution comes close! However, WooCommerce is mainly built for B2C. We saw the gap between the power of WooCommerce and the needs and demands of B2B companies, which couldn’t be met with native WooCommerce features.

And so, the concept of B2BWoo was born – the WooCommerce solution for B2B Companies. B2BWoo was developed after a thorough analysis of B2B sales processes and eCommerce needs. Leveraging the flexibility of WooCommerce, we built a complete set of features required by B2B companies to capitalize on the current wave of digital commerce.

A Complete Suite of B2B eCommerce Features

B2BWoo is built for companies of all sizes – from miniscule to gigantic and everything in-between. We
have built the most comprehensive suite of eCommerce features needed by B2B companies to digitize
their operations and capture the billion-dollar opportunity.

Complex Pricing Rules

B2BWoo simplifies your complex pricing structures and helps you deliver a straight-forward experience with features like Custom Pricing, Price Gating, Role Based and Quantity Based Discounts, and Complex Pricing Rules.

Quote Management

B2BWoo streamlines the integral process of quotation inquiries and improves operational efficiencies with smooth buyer-seller interaction and a feature-rich Quotation Module.

Catalog Management

B2BWoo lets you deliver a personalized online experience to your high value customers with features like Custom Catalogs, Store Gating, and easy Reorders.

Corporate Account Management

B2BWoo offers powerful account management features that let your buyers build custom workflows to support buying teams, multiple branches, and offices.

Inaction is Riskier Than You Think

B2B eCommerce seems like unchartered territory and the possibility of an unfavorable outcome is causing many companies to not do anything. But inaction can be even riskier!

B2BWoo takes the hassle out of wholesale. We’ve made B2B eCommerce easy and cost-effective.