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PHP is a highly popular server-side scripting language currently powering over 80% of websites on the internet. It’s an open-source and free-to-use technology used for creating varied and rich web applications. 

Why use PHP Development technology?

Since it’s a server-side scripting language, it’s highly capable of rendering dynamic and interactive web pages and applications. PHP is supported on multiple platforms, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows. Plus, it’s highly compatible with many popular web servers (Apache, IIS).

PHP supports rapid app development that results in scalable, robust, and secure web applications. This programming language is adaptable and flexible to work with databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Solid, Informix, etc.

All in all, PHP is a robust technology for creating simple to complex web developments. 

Codup – A top-notch PHP Development Company 

PHP company in Houston

When it comes to innovations and technology, Codup has left no stone unturned. We also develop several groundbreaking ideas to create a unique web system using various PHP frames and structured methodologies. 

The intriguing aspect of our PHP Web Development services is that we have a wide range of features from which you can pick the most appropriate ones for your business niche.

We guarantee that any stage of the web development life cycle would proceed under the strict supervision of PHP experts and our valued clients.

Our team of highly trained, passionate, and devoted PHP Developers assures us that we can offer innovative and result-driven PHP Web Development Services of the highest quality.

To ensure customer satisfaction and quality at prime, we give our developers space of innovation and creativity to stay updated with the latest inventions and trends in CSS, HTML5, MySQL, jQuery, and other technologies.

While joining hands with us, you will get access to the requisite resources, tools, and expertise in excellent PHP Web Development at a reasonable cost.

Range Of PHP Web Development Services We Offer

From simple PHP-based custom websites/apps to advanced eCommerce PHP solutions, we here at Codeup cover the entire spectrum. 

We have a spectacular track record of delivering simple solutions for complex business problems. Here’s a range of PHP web services we offer at Codup.

Custom PHP Apps 

 With deep expertise in OOP, core PHP, and PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter, our proficient PHP development team can build and deliver integrated and interactive web applications. 

CMS Development 

Our PHP website development company aligns with your business strategy and creates highly customized websites using open-source CMSs like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal.

eCommerce PHP Solutions 

With years of experience and countless successful eCommerce websites under our belt, our expert time can develop feature-packed yet high-performing PHP-based online storefronts.

Social Networking Solutions 

We develop striking, collaborative, and engaging PHP-based social networking websites to help your company to grow exponentially.

Custom Web Portals 

Our skilled PHP developers can build the most profound and highly customizable custom web portals based on your specific business needs. 

Our Profound Development Process

For ages, our PHP development experts take your exclusive business model and your brand’s unique identity into consideration. Based on stringent standards, we build robust software that can give your business a competitive edge. 

  • Conception – The primary aim of our company is to determine the project goals.
  • Discovery – At this stage of the development cycle, we first figure out what we have and what we require.
  • Defining – All the project needs and requirements are stated clearly in a project scope document and then shared with the client. 
  • Planning – At this stage, we analyze the business and requirements of our valuable clients. 
  • Designing – Once we are done with planning, we design mockups and wireframes to design the layout of the software 
  • Building – We find the right team for the project and assign it to a project manager. The project manager, along with his/her proficient team, starts building the software.
  • Testing – The building and testing process continues until the deployment of the product.
  • Deployment – After testing the final product entirely a couple of times, it’s then deployed to the client. 
  • Maintenance – After the deployment, we continue to maintain the software to keep it functional and secured.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Codup as your PHP Development partner in Houston, Texas, and get a dynamic, secured, and scalable web structure at a highly affordable price.

We have worked on over a hundred PHP projects and have over eight years of experience in PHP Web Development.

Starting with a broad range of PHP applications and databases using agile and custom PHP Web Development methodologies. Discover how you will be benefited while working with us!

Are you looking for affordable and competent PHP development services in Houston? Do you want to talk about your PHP-based web project? Do you need a free, no-obligation quote?

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