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Build dynamic and powerful PHP applications with our top-notch PHP web development services and elevate your business to the next level.

Why Choose PHP Technologies?

PHP is the main programming language chosen by companies like WordPress, Facebook, Slack, and Wikipedia. Whether you need a simple web application or want to build a complex multi-faceted software program, PHP is a good choice to add to your tech stack. How so?

Keep Costs Down

Being open-source, PHP helps you keep costs down both when developing and maintaining your web project. Plus, it has a low barrier to entry and high market popularity, which makes competition fierce and pushes prices down.

Leverage its Popularity

Because of its high dominance in the market, you can easily find servers and server presets that support PHP development. Its high popularity also makes it easy to find highly skilled and expert PHP developers for your project.

Launch Fast

With a vast range of frameworks, each having predefined functionalities and reusable code, PHP accelerates web development and lets developers create applications much faster and maintain the code painlessly.

Scale Easily

PHP works with a number of powerful, industry-specific frameworks, which make it an ideal choice for a startup as it can scale easily with the growing needs of a business.

Fast Performance

Having an upgraded memory manager, PHP 5.0 executes much faster than other programming languages, which translates into better performance and good results for your business.

Effortless Database Connection

Another factor that makes PHP an ideal choice, especially for eCommerce companies, is its strong database management system (DBMS) and its incredible ability to interact with databases like Oracle and MySQL.

Our PHP Web Services

Whether you’ve a new app idea to build a business around or need a web solution for a complex business problem, hire our top-notch developers for full-cycle PHP development.

Custom PHP Apps

With deep expertise in OOP, PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter and Laravel, and core PHP, our PHP development team can build and deliver dynamic and integrated web applications.

CMS Development

With more than 1000 CMS projects under our belt, our PHP website development company can create highly customized websites using open-source CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento.

API Development

We can develop your own public, private or internal API to make your existing PHP application extensible. We can also integrate your PHP web project with other third-party APIs.

eCommerce PHP Solutions

With expertise in PHP and modern databases, we can build cutting-edge eCommerce portals with custom features and functionalities to give your business an edge.

Social Networking Solutions

Harnessing the power and dynamism of PHP, we can develop engaging, attractive, and collaborative social networking websites.

Custom Web Portals

Our PHP portfolio includes several business-specific web portals like enterprise and corporate portals. Our skilled PHP developers can build a highly customized web portal for your specific requirements.

Our PHP Development Tech Stack

We’re known as a leading PHP development company for our reliable full-cycle software development services, provided to budding startups and large enterprises alike.



Data Management:

Our Pricing Models

We offer various types of pricing models: Fixed-Price, Hourly, Dedicated Time & Resources. If your project has clear, well-defined, and specific requirements, you might be a good fit for our Fixed Price Model.
If your project requirements are complex and subject to change during the development process, our Hourly pricing model and dedicated T& R might be a better fit for you.

Our Development Process

Regardless of your pricing model, we follow the same tried and tested development process to create robust software that stands the test of time.


The objective is to identify the why behind the project and the project goals.


This phase is about learning what we have and what we need.


All requirements and needs are defined clearly in a project scope document and shared with the client.


In the initial discovery phase, we analyze our client’s business and their requirements.


We design wireframes and mockups to design the layout of the software.


We assign a team for the project and a manager and start building.


The testing and building phase continue throughout the product lifecycle.


The product is deployed when its tested completely and reported to work fine.


We perform regular maintenance to keep the software secure and functional.

Why Codup?

With hundreds of PHP projects in our portfolio and some of the best PHP development talent in our team, we can implement your boldest ideas.

Reliable and Responsive

The proof is in our high client-retention rate. Responsibility, responsiveness, and effective communication are some of our main business values.

Low Employee Turnover

We not only attract top talent from across the country but have created processes to retain talented employees in our team that allow us to deliver quality solutions on time, every time.

Fast Project Kickoff

We take 1-2 weeks maximum to kickstart the development process once the contract is signed and the deal locked.

Full-House Development

Our full-cycle web development services make it cost-effective and convenient for you as you only need to work with a single vendor.

Proactive Consultative Approach

Our business analysts will give you their best advice about your project so you don’t have to worry even when there are loopholes in your project requirements.

Strong Focus on Specific Domains

Having a focus on specific domains like eCommerce, entertainment, logistics, marketing solutions, customer engagement solutions, and hospitality gives you the advantage of having a team with relevant expertise.

Our Testimonials

“I was also impressed by the quality of their code and their ability to align with our time zone.”

Christophe Straut

Engineer Manager & Marketing Lead, Tracksheet

“Asim and his team are great developers. We are working with them on a regular basis for several projects from simple ones to complex ones and they are doing a great job."

Lea Cauet

Specialist, Promotional Items Manufacturer

“Asim went above and beyond with everything. He made sure every “what if” scenario was covered before scoping out a full solution.”

Jon Teodoro

Verde Media

"Codup is definitely First Class. They came in with a great proposal for our project, but I was still a bit uncomfortable because of the distance and potential language barriers. We went ahead with the project and I immediately knew I had made the right decision."

Ron Horne

CTO, Media Script

“They’re the total package: very competent in their field and easy to work with.”

Thomas Merchant

Global Manager, Web Platforms & Brand Communications

“Their honesty in the face of challenges and ability to work together to achieve a common goal was outstanding.”

Charles Dayment

Owner, Meal Plan Map, LLC

“They checked in at various points and were easy to get in touch with when needed.”

Ryan Reger

Owner, JMRC International

“The websites were exactly what we needed to grow our company.”

Tony Kowalick

President, Vaxxen Labs

“The team produced high-quality and timely development work at competitive prices.”

Barbara Bullard

Graphic Designer, Washington Media Services

“I am impressed by their easy communication and good understanding of our requirements.”

Saifuddin Kamran

Principal, Simply Studies


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