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When done right, good code can make the lives of developers, analysts, and project managers a whole lot easier. The opposite case is true as well. 

Now, you can write good code with almost every programming language out there. However, there is one language that stands out when it comes to writing beautiful code. 

Yes, we’re talking about Laravel whose official statement is “love beautiful code? We do too.” In terms of programming language frameworks, Laravel framework is the most popular one out there and for the right reasons. 

You have a language like PHP, whose codebase is present in almost every major website out there. From new startups to legacy systems, everyone is using PHP in one form or another.

But the problem with PHP is that you have to work double-time to get the code to work. The code looking “beautiful” is another story. 

Laravel, being a PHP-based framework, undercuts the effort it requires to write code. It’s efficient and removes development pains from the code. Coding in a “beautiful” manner, then becomes a lot easier. 

But Why Only Laravel?

Why are we promoting Laravel? There are many other frameworks like Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii, Phalcon, and more – why are we not talking about them? 

Facts speak for themselves. On GitHub, the developer’s paradise and the world’s biggest code depository, Laravel is the most starred PHP platform to exist and for the right reasons. 

Its rise to the top is due to the ease and flexibility it provides its users.

What is the Laravel Framework?


It’s a web development framework built on top of the PHP programming language. It’s a framework and provides you a “frame” or “skeleton” to “work” with. 

In simple terms, it has pre-built functionalities that help you avoid writing code from scratch and eliminates the need for writing the code from scratch. 

It handles PHP code efficiently and manages commonly executed tasks such as authentication, routing sessions, caching, and others to help developers focus on building features and deploying quickly. 

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Top 5 Laravel Framework Features that Make it Popular

Let’s look at PHP at an in-depth level and see what technical side benefits it provides developers. The list of features is enough to convince anyone looking to select a framework to select Laravel as their choice of framework. 

Blade Template Engine

Laravel Template

Laravel uses the Blade Template Engine. 

If you’re new to this don’t look at the words blade and template. 

Look at the word template. Laravel provides templates that enable you to use pre-made templates to work within your code. 

This ensures that you’re not working with plain PHP code. That’s what the blade templating engine does. 

Within those templates, it provides pre-built functions that you can, of course, customize. It also adds inheritance in displaying data that adds flexibility to the entire process of development. 

Eloquent ORM

With Eloquent ORM, database interactions become a lot easier and less time-consuming. In regular PHP, you had to know how to write in SQL to interact with databases. 

Eloquent ORM helps you avoid the hassle of learning SQL (you should learn it, but it’s more convenient this way) by letting you interact with code through PHP code. 

Laravel MVC Architecture

Laravel helps developers not mix up between presentation and business logic. This is because it’s based on the model view controller (MVC) framework. This ensures that increased performance, security, and scalability are guaranteed. 

Open Source and Wide Community

The best part about Laravel is that it’s based-on PHP. Itself an open-source framework, Laravel is free to use and you can get started with building applications in no time at all. 

It has a powerful community that helps to improve the platform and provides support. Therefore, it makes it more advanced and flexible. 

Object-Oriented Libraries

Similar to the blade engine template, the framework comes equipped with a variety of object-oriented libraries that makes the workflows a lot faster. 

This is because of the level of features you get with the platform. 

Now there are reasons why many companies go for Laravel development services and the right reasons. In the next few sections, we’ll explain just why that is the case: 

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Why Use the Laravel Framework for Web Development

The first reason why people like to go for Laravel when it comes to web development is because of its convenience. Simple as that. 

Laravel Framework

As already discussed, Laravel makes programming less of a hassle, this enables creativity and improvement. 

But hold up, it’s not just limited to simply web development. Laravel also has several applications when it comes to testing. Quality assurance teams can use the framework to ensure that the application is true, bug-free. 

Let’s discuss why you should use the Laravel framework for web development:

1. Laravel Development Means Faster Time-to-Market

Laravel makes web development a whole lot easier by providing modular development platform. 

As already discussed, Laravel comes with pre-built functionalities that make the development process a lot simpler and efficient. You can build responsive applications in less time than usual. 

Over time, developers have continuously improved on this. This results in an improved development process for Laravel. You don’t have to spend long hours writing code. You can do it by yourself, and be economical in the process. 

2. Better Authentication and Authorization Option

Authentication and authorization are the price where Laravel has an upper hand over other framework like CodeIgniter. The latter didn’t provide enough support for the process while Laravel comes equipped with it.

From login to registration, and resetting the password for users, Laravel’s authentication processes make it all very easy. A single command, it’s that simple to set up an authentication system.

Is Laravel the Best PHP Framework?

With all of what we’ve said, you might be wondering whether its’ the best platform out there. 

So, is it? 

It’s not. There we said it. 

There is no best PHP framework. The choice for the framework depends on the use case. Whatever platform you select, make sure it aligns with your business practices. 

If you jump on the bandwagon, you’ll be entering a world of growing pains. 

In general, there are certain factors that you should consider before selecting a framework: 

• The framework’s popularity

• Database access 

• Performance support 

• Module support 

• Community support 

• Security 

Before the idea for Laravel was ever conceived, the CodeIgniter framework was doing the heavy lifting and developers had to work around it. Since Laravel, it has gone out into obscurity. 

While the debate rages on, there is no proper answer to this question. Again, it depends on the kind of work you want to do.

However, if you are someone, who is looking for professional help then you can always contact us so that we can take care of all your web & software development projects.

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