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It may be difficult to create a home-based company or discover lucrative internet business ideas. There are hundreds of options, yet everything appears to have been done millions of times before.

So where do you start digging to locate the gold with all these products?

If you want to establish your own company, and are looking for a profitable business opportunity then you have landed in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you 10 groundbreaking business ideas you can choose to develop a successful business in 2021 and far beyond.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

Opportunities that survived the pandemic

From our study, we identified a “thriving” company type, whose founder is more than satisfied with his business performance and/or has an optimistic view on the future of his companies than typical.

Although there were obvious victors – we don’t really have to look at the statistics to name loungewear brands and fitness companies – our study revealed some surprising points of view.

These flourishing kinds of company – and our forecasts for the most lucrative small companies to start in 2021 – are:

  • Business selling B2C and B2B
  • Beauty and health business
  • Subscription business

Business selling B2C and B2B

When looking at the statistics, we found around 62% of founders selling both B2B and B2C were pleased with company success in 2020, while just 53% of B2C business owners reported the same performance. This was the most prevalent strategy among the operating companies in the beverage and food sector, with 53 percent of those polled selling B2C and B2B.

B2C and B2B

Planned growth is a clear indication of the company’s present performance. 24 percent of those selling both B2C and B2B indicated plans to grow their company in the coming years by including additional product categories which will also improve their eCommerce conversion rates.

Even in the pandemic when industries were collapsing these businesses thrive, but how? 

Reaching new consumers and getting goods into their hands grew more and more difficult with shutters locked down and suppliers overburdened. Those that utilised various models or channels to contact consumers were able to survive better in 2020 — and had great potential to be successful in 2021.

For instance, a company who supplied its handcrafted wholesale skincare to beauty shops may have witnessed its B2B revenue fall by closing these partner locations, but may add up to the loss by selling B2C goods through an online dealership.

Why should you start investing in a B2C/B2B business in 2021?

Last year, Shopify made a remarkable contribution by launching Handshake, a platform for both – suppliers and retailers. Think about adding wholesale to the picture and increase  your exposure to new markets by selling directly to consumers. If you are a wholesaler, remotely control your company’s direct-to-customer arm for sales affected by the virus.

Business Opportunities

If you’re a successful businessman searching for a product concept, many can sell both B2C and B2B. The results show that a combo of these will offer you a higher opportunity to have a successful small company.

You can use all these resources offered by Shopify to find a product, or newest product trends:

  • Beauty and health products
  • Workout gears such as yoga mats and exercise bands
  • Home decor and portable furniture

Beauty and heath business

According to data, 55% of founders of health and beauty companies were happy with the success of the firm in the last year. The average for all categories of company was 38%.

Although the performance of the last year is a strong sign of success, an even larger proportion anticipates ongoing progress. In the following months, 79% of health and beauty founders expressed a good outlook.

Beauty and heath business

Beauty and health companies flourished quite well on the market in the middle of Covid 19, why? Because you will find personal care goods such as soaps and hand sanitizer under the beauty and health category. 

These items, in particular during the beginning of the pandemic, were in high demand with increasing worry for surface transmission. The influence on the beauty service sector was another adverse consequence for rolling lockdowns. Consumers transferred their beauty expenses to spas and salons at home.

We anticipate that beauty and health companies will continue to grow until 2021 as vaccinations are slowly deployed and self-care is sustained.

Why should you start investing in a beauty and health business in 2021?

Consider the shifting demands of consumers if you want to establish a lucrative beauty or health care business this year. There are plenty of business trends that emerged last year and are here to stay.

Moreover, companies who can sell products online and offer numerous means of delivery will rule the market. This excellent business approach can be paired with the following product ideas:

  • Personal hygiene products – hand sanitizers and soaps
  • Spa products – facial masks and at-home hair treatments
  • Beauty gadgets – face massager, makeup storing refrigerator, and smart led mirrors

Subscription business

We have found 63 percent of founders who have sold subscriptions happy with their performance when carrying out research on this sort of business, compared with 55 percent of founders who have not sold subscriptions. We have found two subscription models typically utilised by 2020 successful firms – membership and replenishment.

Subscription business

Last year, subscription companies flourished significantly. Even if this is a revolutionary sort of business it is quite important. In our study into consumer trends, we discovered that consumers were more inclined to shop from firms that offered convenience, such as online purchasing alternatives and various delivery and pick up options.

 Subscriptions are a simple method for clients to receive their items often without having to go to shops — and exposure to danger.

At the start of the pandemic, subscription boxes were reported to have increased. Many substituted a lack of connectivity with activities that brought so much joy to the doorstep with pleasure.

Why should you start investing in a subscription business in 2021?

As we just said, Shopify has made selling memberships much easier. This implies you can easily add a subscription option to assist you improve predictable income and client loyalty if you are already a business. This might be a wonderful internet business concept for you if you start from scratch.

You can easily sell the following products:

  • Everyday use products like toothpaste and sanitary napkins
  • Self-care bags

Profitable business opportunities you should consider in 2021

Online business opportunities

Literally billions of self-employed people are calling home. Would you like to join them? Below is a list of business possibilities available online that you may reap the benefits of from the comfort of your home.

Selling digital products

As an industry, e-learning is booming. Recent estimates suggest that by 2025, the market will value about US$325 billion, making digital products both makers and instructors one of the finest online business prospects.

Selling digital products

A few examples include music, movies, ebooks and online courses. They can be handled or touched, yet they are popular with customers because they may download and consume them at their own leisure.

Digital items also provide significant commercial prospects as they are cheap to develop and distribute. You can do it once and sell it to other people repeatedly without replenishing your inventory or communicating to suppliers. If you believe you are an expert of a specific subject, you may bundle and sell that information in the form of a one-time subscription or fee.

Print on-demand

Whether you’re an e-commerce company, designer or artist, printed on request for on-line apparel stores is a wonderful prospective business opportunity. Printing on demand entails working with a manufacturer to personalise items with white label graphics like t-shirts or tote-bags..

The best thing? Until you sell a product,you wouldn’t have to pay for it. You don’t hold any stock or buy in bulk, like dropshipping.


Dropshipping is a new and  finest business model which you can start from your home.Dropshipping is a business strategy that allows you to directly buy items from a manufacturer or supplier and send them to your consumers. Building an online dropshipping store is pretty easy when compared to building other business models.


Dropshipping is an inexpensive starting cost compared to other e-commerce company options. You don’t have to bother about inventory transport or bulk purchase of items. You should not bother about transporting items, as this is handled by your supplier.

Since you don’t have to acquire the things you are selling, you may provide a range of products, such as fashion, health, beauty, home, staple pantry, wholesales etc.

If a supplier invents a product, you can offer it at no additional expense in your online shop.

Entrepreneurial opportunities

Whether you want to start a million-dollar company or a tiny local firm, the following are some great entrepreneurial opportunities to consider:

Invest in a franchise

Hertz, McDonalds, Chick-fil-A and 7-Eleven are among the world’s most popular brands. What have they in common? All of them are franchisees. If you want to enter into the business world and bypass the process of brand creation, starting a franchise is an intelligent alternative.

Invest in a franchise

You only have to pay a small fee to the franchisor or the company owner to start a franchise. All items, assets, service and trade marks are their own.

Payment of the fee will enable you to manage the franchise business and use the resources, training and assistance of the firm.

The advantage of purchasing a franchise is you get everything ready. You don’t have to purchase any appliances or items. The franchisor can also assist to identify buildings, recruit and educate personnel, share management and marketing ideas, etc.

Become an online influencer

Have you ever contemplated making cash and checks for your lovers and followers? It’s a great time to capitalise on your reputation as an influencer in social media.

Although it may seem a far-reaching job option, it proves to be a lucrative business for people in a number of sectors, such as mode, gardening, travel, parenting, and even cuisine.

It might take some time to develop your name online, but you can get money by creating a committed follow-up to social media if you have a subject that you are interested about and want to discuss.

Sell wasted food

Every year, we spend more than 990 billion dollars on food, harm the environment and dissipate the global economy. Entrepreneurs can develop inventive methods to make profit from outdated and discarded food.

In a subscription box it is possible to offer “hot” vegetables and fruits at cheap rates, recycle it into fuel, transform rotting food into bug protein, or even establish a local bazaar where people may partake of food.

Open a coffee shop

If you want to investigate the possibility of starting a coffee company, running a café is not your only option.

With increasing demand for Online Coffee Dealers, you may offer anything from beans to brews to cups, as well as other coffee-related products.

Coffee shop

Because coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages on the planet, many potential customers are eager to acquire your products. Customers also give a competitive advantage to small businesses, allowing them to specialise and sell to a certain group of people. You already want your coffee; all you need to know is where you can get it.

Federal business opportunities

Small companies may easily begin bidding on government contracts because the federal government makes it simple for them to do so. They also provide unique business possibilities for women who are affiliated with eligible businesses. Searching the centralized repository at for possibilities is a great way to start.

Following are the most profitable federal business opportunities to begin with:


You may bid on contractual business possibilities with the government in a variety of fields, including new construction, electrical work, and roadwork. This involves supplying materials and supplies for the construction of new roads and buildings, as well as the renovation of existing ones. 


Business possibilities such as this would be subjected to the usual bidding procedure, but you may also locate less intense employment such as custodial labour on websites such as Indeed.


The importance of security at government-owned facilities and buildings cannot be overstated, as you might think.

There are plenty of security contracts available for bidding, ranging from single-guard operations to multistate operations. 

Entrance security, armed patrols, after-hours patrols, and the installation and monitoring of surveillance cameras are all examples of security measures.

You will now be vying against some large businesses, but even smaller service providers will be able to compete on subcontracts or direct contracts possibilities to offer security services to government clients.

Equipment maintenance services

Maintenance and operations spread over a range of fascinating areas, including infrastructure, road, parking, electronics, public security, food services such as sales engines and office equipment for the efficient functioning of agencies and organisations.

Why would you like to start bidding for government maintenance contracts? Maintenance contracts usually last for several years, which implies that your firm has consistent long-term work.


Whether you’re looking for entrepreneurial business ideas or just want to resell products, there are endless big and small business ideas available in the market.

While exploring other profitable options, make sure to check out our list of most profitable business opportunities in 2021, maybe you’ll discover the best business opportunity to begin with.


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