Twilio SMS for Freshchat

A Freshchat SMS app that lets you leverage the convenience of SMS and allow customers to communicate with agents via text messaging.
Freshchat With Twilio Integration

Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Let your customers connect with you through the medium they find most convenient – the good old SMS.The Twilio integration for Freshchat:

Lets your customers reach out and seek help even when they are offline

Offers both inbound and outbound SMS and MMS support

Lets your customers connect with support agents through SMS and MMS

Freshchat With Twilio Integration

Benefit from the Convenience
of Texting

Messaging has proven to improve customer satisfaction rates with more people preferring to message a company than calling. It’s one of the most convenient, efficient, and accessible forms of communication – with no dreadful waiting time and non-stop background music as the customer tries to connect to a support agent.

By adding SMS capabilities to your customer support system, you can let your customers know that you’re just one SMS away so they can always reach out when they need help!

Freshchat With Twilio Integration

How Does The App Work

Features of Twilio App for Freshchat

Inbound and Outbound Support

Agents and customers can both send and receive messages to each other through SMS.


With support for both SMS and MMS, you can give the best possible customer support.

Auto-Response SMS

Create an SMS template for an auto-generated SMS that is sent to the customer following his initial query.

Proactive Messaging

Allows agents to initiate conversations with customers and send messages via SMS.

Multiple Channel Support

With support for multiple Twilio numbers, you can configure multiple channels to route your incoming messages.

Freshchat With Twilio Integration

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Freshchat With Twilio Integration


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Freshchat With Twilio Integration


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Freshchat With Twilio Integration


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Freshchat With Twilio Integration

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Freshchat With Twilio Integration


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