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Web Application


With a large and complex data,
coupled with years of technical debt plus a poor built in search capability to begin with, end users had a very slow,
broken and frustrating search experience on their content platform.

The client did have a managed Elastic Search service implemented on the site but that came with its own issues
around performance, lack of control and flexibility despite the high cost of licensing.

The objectives were to:

  • Improve the user search experience by reducing response time and making it more intuitive.
  • Implement filters and aggregate filters to make search results more refined.
  • Clean up the database and remove or merge duplicates.
  • Ensure on time and accurate publication of sponsored listings and content within search results.
  • Provide ongoing website maintenance and UI fixes to enhance the user experience.


  • We implemented a self hosted, self managed instance of Elastic search and ran a data migration.
  • The new instance was integrated with the content platform.
  • New features were designed and implemented on the front end content platform that delivered a more intuitive,
    yet refined search experience to end users.
  • A one time script was written and executed to ensure data integrity and eliminate duplication.


  • Improved customer satisfaction due to accurate and timely updates to sponsored content and listings within search.
  • The implementation of ElasticSearch and the database cleanup resulted in a faster and more responsive search
    experience for users.
  • The addition of filters and aggregate filters made it easier for users to find the right listings and content for their needs.
  • Ongoing website maintenance and UI fixes ensured that the user experience remained seamless and improved
    continuously, helping Legal500 maintain its position as a leading law firm.
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