How Codup Helped Reverse Health Cut Development Costs by 3/4



Tech Stack

Staff Augmentation


Reverse Health, a digital platform dedicated to empowering women over 40 to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, leverages personalized fitness plans driven by detailed user data. Despite having a highly capable product team skilled in designing and implementing data-driven A/B tests, Reverse Health faced a critical bottleneck: the absence of skilled engineers who could execute these tests rapidly and flawlessly, ensuring scalability and quality.

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Their Need?

The challenge was twofold. First, the client’s existing engineering support, though highly skilled from Toptal, came with prohibitive costs that negated the financial benefits of improved product conversions.

Second, local senior developers failed to deliver the needed value, compromising the product roadmap and efficiency, particularly in the face of high volumes of paid traffic.

This dilemma threatened the platform’s ability to innovate and improve, critical for staying competitive and maximizing return on investment.

Our Solution?


Staff Augmentation with Expert Team

Provided a tailored team through staff augmentation, including two senior engineers, one senior QA, and a senior project manager, to complement and enhance the client’s in-house capabilities.


Utilization of Collaboration Tools

Employed real-time collaboration tools for seamless integration with the client’s product team, enabling efficient and effective teamwork across different locations.


Advanced Testing and Analytics Implementation

Integrated Google Optimize and Google Analytics via our augmented staff, facilitating the design, tracking, execution, and analysis of A/B and multivariate tests with precision.


Project Management Through Asana

Adopted Asana as the project management tool, using a Kanban system to streamline the test development process. This approach allowed our augmented team to efficiently collaborate with the client’s team, ensuring a smooth workflow and timely delivery of tasks.


Rigorous Test Deployment Cycle

Established a rigorous deployment cycle where 5 to 10 new tests were finalized, coded, and deployed live each week. This cycle was critical in maintaining a high throughput of testing and implementation, essential for fast-paced product development.


Zero Margin for Error

 Emphasized the importance of accuracy and efficiency, with our staff augmentation team working under the premise of zero margin for error due to the significant financial investment in each test. 


Quality Assurance and Pace Improvement

Addressed the initial challenge of matching the client’s pace and quality expectations by quickly adapting and improving our methodologies, demonstrating the flexibility and competence of our augmented staff. 

The Outcome?

Initially, our team faced challenges matching the client’s expectations in pace and quality, leading to personnel changes. However, improvements were evident by the end of the third month, with significant advancements in both areas during the fourth month. By the six-month mark, our team’s performance nearly matched that of the Toptal engineers but at less than a quarter of the cost. Now in our ninth month of engagement, Reverse Health enjoys enhanced testing and development capabilities, leading to higher Effective Per Click (EPC) rates from paid traffic and increased Average Lifetime Value (ALTV) from customers. This success has opened doors for further collaboration, with discussions underway to expand the team further, demonstrating our significant impact on the client’s operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

A good tech partner transforms challenges into triumphs.

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