How Codup Elevated This Wellness Brand to California's Top 5 with Digital Transformation


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In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, a leading California-based cannabis brand, specializing in manufacturing and distribution, sought to revolutionize their operations by going direct-to-consumer through e-Commerce. Facing stringent regulatory challenges and the absence of suitable off-the-shelf technological solutions, they partnered with us to create a bespoke, integrated e-Commerce and back-office application.

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Their Need?

The client’s primary challenge was navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the US cannabis industry while establishing a direct-to-consumer channel.

They needed a comprehensive solution that not only complied with state regulations but also offered depth and breadth in features to manage end-to-end operations, including order management, inventory, and rapid fulfillment.

The goal was to ensure seamless integration across various systems, including custom ERP, Quickbooks, Metrc, and more, to facilitate 2-hour delivery windows in high-density areas like the LA Metro and San Francisco.

Our Solution?


DOTs - Custom Backoffice Solution

Developed DOTS, a PHP Laravel-based custom back office application, as the central admin panel for comprehensive order processing and management, featuring:

– Multi-location Inventory Management across Warehouses and Driver Kits.

– Multi-Modal Order Fulfillment, including Scheduled Delivery and Dynamic Same-Day Delivery options, catering to customer preferences and logistical efficiency.

– Integration with eCommerce platforms, QuickBooks, and On-fleet Logistics System via an API gateway for seamless synchronization.

– Order Limitation Settings to ensure compliance with state regulations.

Comprehensive system synchronization with the company’s operational ecosystem, including mobile apps for drivers, customer websites, on-fleet logistics, and QuickBooks for financial reporting.


DTC WooCommerce Websites

Developed DTC eCommerce websites using WooCommerce, integrated with Google Maps, payment processors, AuthO, and other key functionalities for enhanced user experience. Features include:

Centralized order management through DOTS, synchronized via Middleware APIs.

Time-slot selection for scheduled deliveries, with in-house drivers assigned for regional fulfillment.

Dynamic same-day delivery based on inventory availability.

Coupon creation for promotions, with criteria for user eligibility.

Compliance with state laws ensured through Metrc integration, covering the entire product lifecycle and order fulfillment.

Simplified account creation and secure checkout across all sites with AuthO integration, also enforcing product purchase limits.


Mobile App for Packers and Drivers

Created a React Native mobile application with dual interfaces for packers and drivers, facilitating:

Order assignment and management via DOTS for efficient packing and delivery workflows.

SKU scanning feature for packers to update order status in DOTS, streamlining order processing and fulfillment.

Delivery task assignments to drivers through the app, synchronized with DOTS, ensuring timely customer deliveries.


Custom Middleware

A specially developed gateway facilitated seamless integration between the various internal and external systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient back-office and e-Commerce ecosystem.

The Outcome?

The custom solution delivered remarkable outcomes:

  • Market Launch: Our client successfully launched their e-Commerce channel on schedule, offering a stable, seamless, and engaging experience to consumers and internal stakeholders alike.

  • Operational Efficiency: The solution streamlined business processes across orders, fulfillment, and logistics, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

  • Real-time Synchronization: Integrations across the mobile app, e-Commerce site, and third-party services with DOTs ensured error-free, real-time data synchronization.

  • Scalability: The system’s design facilitated rapid scaling and market testing, contributing to the client’s growth and their ranking as the 5th largest cannabis brand in California.

  • Competitive Advantage: The unique value proposition of 2-hour deliveries set the client apart in the market, positioning them competitively against larger entities.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Integration with Metrc ensured full compliance with state laws, minimizing legal risks.

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