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Customer engagement seems like a difficult concept to wrap your head around. 

At its core, it’s all about ensuring that your customers are interested. Whatever product you have, a customer needs to be interested in purchasing it. How do you build interest? Well, that’s where customer engagement strategies come in. 

When implemented correctly, these customer engagement strategies can help build long-lasting relationships. When you don’t place it into consideration, you’re losing an opportunity for repeat customers. 

In this post, I’ll be outlining six customer engagement strategies that can help boost your brand’s name and revenue. 

Relate Your Brand with The Customer

Relate Your Brand with The Customer

You could give your store all the glitz and glamor of modern website design. You can also make the user experience as vivid as you possibly can.

But is that all there is to it?

While everything I’ve mentioned above is good for an eCommerce business, it misses one essential ingredient: brand personality.

With a solid brand personality, you can make your brand relatable and something that customers would be willing to engage with time and again.

For a long time now, businesses have been implementing ways in which they connect with customers. If you want to do something similar, you need to add authenticity to your brand: something the customers can relate with. It should be reinforced too since the modern customer is socially active, which means they’ll catch any sign of dishonesty.

There are plenty of ways you can look authentic to the customer. You can relate to them based on their demographics, social, and even cultural beliefs. A good example of this is when targeting eco-friendly customers, you can choose suppliers that are eco-friendly as well, thus embracing the eco-friendly attitude and relate to it.

Make Sure the Conversation Never Stops

Make Sure the Conversation Never Stops

Because of the internet, eCommerce stores are available to customers throughout the day. It doesn’t make sense then, to follow the old 9-to-5 eCommerce store hours. If a customer orders something after hours, then they expect that the checkout works. It’s your job to ensure that a customers’ purchase and the query are resolved when they need it.

To ensure that your business is operational even after business hours, you can utilize conversational marketing to your advantage. The concept includes using tools and strategies like chatbots and email automation that make sure the conversation never stops.

You can see chatbots in action everywhere these days. Automated messaging tools help your business connect with customers in conversations that feel real. Now granted, some customers might find it odd to talk to a robot, but if the conversation flow is smooth, there won’t be a problem.

Retain Your Existing Customers

Retain Your Existing Customers

A lot of companies I’ve seen spend more on acquiring new customers rather than retaining existing ones. While you’re gaining new customers, the older ones go away. The latter of course are the ones who will spend more and voice your brand and help you gain more customers in the process. Now does that mean you shouldn’t invest in new customers? No, but maintain a balance in acquisition and retention.

If you’re giving a positive, reliable, and authentic experience of your brand to a particular customer, they are more likely to root for you. If you just focus on the profits, you’ll appear to be a robot.

When you look after the customers, they will reciprocate.

Whatever strategy you have for customer engagement, make sure it has a section on retaining customers. This can prove quite beneficial in the long run and improve business interactions.

Focus On Social Media

Focus On Social Media

Having a social media presence is the need of time. You can’t operate a successful business without it. But having it and knowing how to make it work for your business are two different considerations.

Social media is brimming with people. Brands and products are in a state of constant frenzy on how best to engage a customer on social media.

How to engage your customers on social media

If you already have a sizeable following on social media, you can do one thing for now. Respond. Respond to customer comments, queries. Yes, even the negative ones and take the time to address them. Once the issues have been resolved, stay in touch with the customer and try to convert the bad engagement into a good one.

But what if you don’t have that? In that situation, it’s best to promote your content. You can do it organically and through paid channels. The end goal is to make it gain traction and views as a result.

You’re already responding to customer queries and comments, now what? You have to be consistent. Upload posts regularly. This builds engagement and consistency for your brand. Users who have interacted with your brand’s content will see that content, thus building familiarity.

To make customers engage with your store, you can use quizzes, polls, contests, free giveaways, and discounts.

Storytelling With Video

Storytelling With Video

Content is king, we’ve heard this saying a million times already. It’s a quote that hasn’t lost a bit of significance yet the first word of the statement has evolved considerably over the years.

From content being written online, the world has since then moved on to written content being mixed with visual content like posters and graphics. Nowadays, it’s the age of video. YouTube is booming with over 500 hours of content being uploaded daily.

It’s high time to get on board the video train.

Videos increase engagement rate significantly more than written content. You see it all around you. A well-made marketing video for a product or service can garner millions of views. If it’s properly targeted to a website, the website itself can gain traffic.  

Rely On Native Advertising

Rely On Native Advertising

Because of banner blindness, regular ads don’t cut it. As an alternative, native ads have taken center stage. They’re essentially an umbrella term. Native advertising includes video ads, application process ads, and carousel ads. They are dynamic ads that show a variety of your business processes at once. They also happen to be one of the most useful customer engagement tools out there. This rich advertisement experience is quite useful if you’re looking to get more engagement for your ads.

Final Words

Companies all around the world are embracing customer engagement for everything that it is. As far as these strategies are concerned, pick a few and then apply them to your business and see how that goes. A/B testing is the key here.

Besides these strategies, you should use tools that help improve the customer experience. The Freshdesk ticketing and Freshchat live chat integration can prove extremely beneficial in giving your customer engagement strategies the boost they deserve.

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