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Ecommerce and profits go hand in hand. 

You create an eCommerce website to get your product out onto the world and gain monetary benefits. In such a competitive digital world, to get more revenues, you need to provide users with a customer experience that stands out from the fray.

The way you do so is through conversion rate optimization.  

You see, a lot of people who arrive at an eCommerce store aren’t ready to purchase. You need to convince them to purchase from your store and they will bounce off of your website. 

Now, there are plenty of ways you can improve conversion rates. When you have an idea of what constitutes a good version, you can go ahead and create a landing page that helps your business convert. 

Ecommerce Landing Pages: The Different Types

Ecommerce landing pages example

Now, there are two different types of landing pages available online. 

One of them is a Post Click landing page and the other is a product page. Each one has its particular purpose: let’s find out in the next few paragraphs. 

Contrary to popular belief, post click landing pages are not what most people have described: the page you land on. 

It’s a separate web page that’s not attached to any other area of your eCommerce store (in an ideal case). It has a single goal: conversion optimization. It’s a good tool to drive traffic to your eCommerce store. 

Why Use Post Click Ecommerce Landing Pages?

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Businesses now rely on data more than ever. 

It’s because of these data points that they can drive conversions and gain more leads for their business. As a result, it leads to a higher return on investment in the long run. 

Optimized landing pages based on the data points are important. How else can you get to know the customer? 

To elaborate, post click, unique, and personalized landing pages are the need of the time.

With the ability to drive leads by up to 120%, these landing pages are more effective since they provide a personalized user experience. 

Such a UX leads to better engagement with your brand and potentially higher sales for your business. Now, there are plenty of post click landing pages available that you can use. 

Some of the variants include downloadable content, purchasing, discounts on upgrades, and other forms of landing pages. Among them, downloadable content is possibly the most effective, but what works and what doesn’t depend entirely on your niche of business. 

Six Post Click Ecommerce Landing Page Practices

Now, landing pages are relatively easy to make. But what sets your landing page apart from the rest? You can make a Post Click landing page or anything else, but it won’t matter unless you have the best practices in mind. In this post, we’ll be discussing six best practices for your landing page design. 

Remove the Extraneous

too much design in eCommerce landing pages

Your landing page stands separately from the rest of your website. It’s essentially an advertising forum, where there is no need to use any extraneous details. One of those details is the navigation menu.

There is no need for including that since you want to leave only the CTA wide open for the click. The goal is to convert the user, first and foremost. Any additional links, drop-down menus, or the search bar will just aim to deviate the user from the main goal. 

Now, this is not a hard and fast rule. You can add a navigation menu and links but don’t go overboard. Some businesses we’ve seen include footer links to provide users with the option to learn more. 

Removing distractions helps you reach your point across to the audience in a careful manner. Not only is this helpful to the user experience, but such a process also helps you get prospects effectively engaged with your brand. 

Use Authentic CTA’s

CTA in practice ecommerce landing pages

When a user arrives at your landing page, they don’t know what to do. You need to guide them accordingly to sell your product or services. The best way you can do that is through a clear call to action (CTA) button. 

Using color psychology, you can set the button to a color that is in tune with your design and can elicit a response from the user. Color theory is an essential aspect in this regard since a good combination of colors can elicit a positive response from the customer.

Considering how you’re investing so much in advertising costs, it’s better to prepare your color palette for the CTA to ensure that you’re getting a rise in bounce rates for your business. 

Relevancy and authenticity in your CTA’s matter a lot.

Therefore, you need to focus on your call to action since, when done right, they can seriously make or break your advertising plan. Many businesses have invested in landing pages but have failed because their usage of CTA’s is irrelevant and inauthentic. 

New call-to-action

Use More Than One CTA


Following up on our point about CTA’s, you might think that when talking about landing page CTA’s we were talking about just using a single CTA in your content. We don’t mean that. You can use multiple CTA’s within your landing page. Ideally, you should include a CTA within every fold of your landing page content, but it’s not important unless you’ve already built harmony with your content. 

Besides having niche-specific CTA’s, you can also include CTA’s like order now, and other CTA’s that can help in the conversion process. All of the CTA’s have a singular purpose and are focused entirely on that purpose.

Specific Product Descriptions

ecommerce landing pages

Your content copy should contain a healthy amount of information about your brand or service. 

At the same time, you should also include a bit of personalization to your Post Click landing pages. You should create a mix of generic copy and a touch of personalization. 

By personalization, we mean that you tailor the user experience based on the preferences of the user as much as you can. 

There are plenty of smart tools for that purpose. They help you figure out your demographics perfectly so you can target customers accurately. 

Your product page copy should also be visible enough to help users see the content and get interested. Again, you should maintain a balance in this regard since your typography should neither be too large nor too small. 

Besides each landing page, you should include a variety of images and illustrations. This captivates the audience into reading what you have to say. It’s all aimed at conversions since adding images can increase it by 124%

Focus on Conversion Rates

ecommerce landing pages conversion rates

Landing pages are naturally optimized for SEO since their main goal is gaining organic traffic. This, though, is entirely optional since you can make it either ad-focused or keyword-focused. 

Ideally, though, you should focus on a mix of advertising and SEO to get the best of both worlds. This helps improve conversions significantly and helps you gain more visibility for your offerings. 

Mobile Optimization

ecommerce landing pages conversion rate optimization

One of the biggest advantages you can gain for your landing page is to have a mobile-optimized landing page as well. 

Everyone is on their smartphones these days, so optimizing for mobile conversions is beneficial. 

Now, optimizing for mobile devices should be done carefully. You want to maintain a balance in design as much as possible. 

Create a smaller version of your website, while also maintaining a healthy proportion with your design. Again, there is plenty of design inspiration that you can use to create a landing page for mobile-friendliness. 

The main benefit to optimizing for mobile phones is that you get to target a lot more people. If you’re providing an ideal user experience while also reaching so many audiences, you can gain serious conversion rates for your store. 


Landing pages are an essential aspect of every eCommerce store out there. A major part of the sales funnel, they allow you to bridge the gap between advertising and sales. 

At the end of the day, they help you gain more exposure for your business and get more revenue. To ensure that you have a stellar landing page, you should first have a stellar website. At Codup, we provide customized eCommerce development services that give you a website that helps you convert visitors into paying customers.

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