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Our first podcast was an engaging discussion centered on composable commerce and headless architecture. Our focus was on examining the buzz around headless and composable commerce and whether these emerging concepts live up to the hype. To provide valuable insights into this topic, we had the pleasure of inviting ecommerce strategy consultant and influencer, Rick Watson, as our guest speaker. Rick shared his expertise and practical knowledge on how headless and composable commerce are applied in the real world, and he provided detailed information on the benefits and challenges that businesses experience when implementing these innovative approaches.

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About the guest

We invited eCommerce consultant, strategist, and influencer Rick Watson – founder at RMW Commerce Consulting, Rick’s work today is centered on supporting investors and management teams incubating and growing direct-to-consumer businesses. Most recently, in partnership with WHP Global, Rick was a critical resource in architecting the WHP+ platform, a new turnkey direct-to-consumer digital e-commerce platform that powers and

Rick also hosts a podcast, The Watson Weekly, where he shares an unbiased, unfiltered expert take on the retail sector’s biggest news and players.

Key Takeaways

Headless and Composable: Separating Hype from Reality

In the podcast, Rick thoroughly examined the potential impact of these emerging trends on the wider e-commerce landscape. He also delved into their relevance to the overarching conversation surrounding digital transformation and the future of retail. He also discussed about the signs that indicate when a company might benefit from implementing a headless CMS and other independent digital asset management systems, and at what revenue level do these signs tend to start appearing?

Rick also discussed the risks of implementing a composable and headless solution and discussed why it’s not for everyone. He also added that sometimes doing something as simple as a Shopify store can be good for a brand. It’s important to consider the business side of things and not just implement a technology just because it’s trending. Brands should take into account the potential business advantages before making any decisions.

Engineering vs. Marketing Leaders

Rick described the difference between engineering leaders and marketing leaders and why some engineering leaders insist on controlling the process of adding a single link to the homepage, even when it does not make business sense?

The Two Click Rule

Rick also explained how to avoid old school website problems and drive conversions with a seamless checkout process. He described the “Two-Click Rule” for increasing conversions of eCommerce websites and how to fix outmoded eCommerce sites.

Finishing off

Rick concluded the podcast with some useful examples of businesses that have implemented the headless or composable architecture successfully, and how can cheaper solutions achieve the same experience? Is implementing a custom front end still a viable way to achieve the same goals efficiently and productively in today’s market?

Indulge in a thought-provoking and informative discussion on Headless and Composable commerce by tuning in to our latest podcast episode. Join the conversation with our host Maaz, Rick Watson and Asim Bawany the CEO of Codup as they explore this exciting topic and separate the hype from reality.

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