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Shopify has declared commerce components by Shopify as an innovative solution for enterprise retail giving access to Shopify’s foundational, high-performing components. But what does it mean? 

So, one of the biggest questions for Shopify over the past decade was its ability to support enterprise retail businesses. But Shopify answered all those questions in 2014 when it introduced Shopify Plus, which supported businesses to scale incredibly — for example, Gymshark, a brand going from a garage operating business to an internationally renowned brand.  

However, big brands were still quite hesitant to hand over their tech stack to a SaaS provider with a history of giving value to the masses instead of focusing on edge-case solutions. 

But with the new year and a decade of efforts put into meeting the needs of the retail industry, Shopify unveiled a new composable stack for enterprise retail called “Commerce Components by Shopify”. 

What Is Commerce Components? 

Shopify describes Commerce Components a modern, composable stack for enterprise retail where retailers can take components and integrate them with their own system. 

Shopify developed over 30 components that businesses can choose from to integrate with their system. These components are distributed into 6 major categories

1. Storefront:

Components to build a custom storefront using a preferred framework and hosting provider. The components include Headless API, Headless SDK, Low-code Storefront, Headless Hosting with Oxygen, Content, and Storefront Search. 

2. Cart and Checkout:

Commerce components by Shopify provide an extensible cart and checkout can boost revenue. The components include Cart app extensions, the world’s best-converting checkout platforms, payment platforms, Tax platforms, and fraud protection. 

3. Core Commerce:

Think of the essentials you need to provide your business with the best experience. The components include product catalog, custom data models, cross-border selling, discount, subscriptions, function extensibility, and B2B.

4. Data and Compliance:

Secure and accurate customer data enables you to drive more sales. Components include data analysis, card data, marketing insights, vaulting, and security and compliance. 

5. Shipping and Logistics:

With the right component for your system, you can streamline your order logistics. The components include Fulfillment, order management, inventory, returns, and shipping labels API. 

6. Omnichannel:

It doesn’t matter where you sell, you can maintain a unified view of your business with commerce components. The components include Point of sale, social commerce, and chat and support for your eCommerce store.

Every category includes components that a business needs to run its operation smoothly and efficiently. Not just that, it provides the core support a brand requires to deliver the best possible experience to its customers. 

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Who Is Commerce Components For? 

Harvey Finkelstein, president of Shopify states, “Commerce Components by Shopify opens our infrastructure so enterprise retailers don’t have to waste time, engineering power, and money building critical foundations Shopify has already perfected, and instead frees them up to customize, differentiate, and scale” 

With that said, Commerce components are definitely not for everyone. It is likely to work best for companies managing multiple brands or projects that need flexibility and custom solutions to cater to complex challenges and are ready to invest. 

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The Wrap Up

It is evident that with the changing trends of the eCommerce industry, retailers need to face multiple challenges through their venture, especially when it is time to scale. This also includes economic uncertainty and the tech evolution that hinders their ability to decide on investing in anything new. At this point of business, the challenge for retailers is to knit together solutions that give them the flexibility to scale and innovate without restriction. 

With the launch of Commerce Components by Shopify, it claims to provide the one-stop-shop solution enterprise retailers need to scale without any restrictions. At Codup, our experts can help you build the eCommerce infrastructure you need to scale your business.

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