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Selecting the right WordPress host can be tricky. There are so many services available, each with its own distinct features, pricing, and functionalities. This post on the best WordPress hosting services will answer all your queries and questions when selecting the perfect hosting company.

Before you go about looking for the best WordPress hosting services, you need to conduct a general audit of your requirements and then move towards selection. 

In a nutshell, however, you should look at these three factors in a hosting service:

  • Speed, aka the load time of a website. 
  • The Uptime, which is the frequency of server activity.
  • Customer support, which is very important when you’re stuck with an issue. 

These vary across the board by a significant margin since not all hosting services are created equal. That said, some services in the industry are more popular than others, and, in this article, we will be describing six of the most popular ones. 

So, let’s start. 

Six Best WordPress Hosting Services

Let’s dive right into the best hosting providers out in the market today!

1. HostGator 

With over 10 million domains hosted on this service, HostGator is a popular platform that you shouldn’t miss out on. 

On top of providing hosting for custom websites, HostGator also provides a specialized “WordPress hosting” service built specifically for WordPress users. 

For websites looking to scale, improve load times, and endure peaks of high-traffic, then HostGator is the right choice. Upgrading to this plan allows you to experience faster load times across many different regions.

The following is the Uptime report for HostGator. As you can see, they average a 99.97% average with only 3 hours of yearly downtime. 

The best thing about HostGator lies in its offerings. Their plans offer unlimited bandwidth, email accounts. On top of that, they also provide free site migration. 

When it comes to customer service, you can talk to HostGator representatives through email, live-chat or phone. It’s available 24/7 for its users and helps you out when you need it most. 

Let’s talk prices. HostGator is a relatively cheap platform with a $5.95 per month on a 36-month plan with renewal fees going up to $9.95 per month. Lastly, if you’re not satisfied with the purchase, then there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Salient Features: 

  • 99.97% Uptime 
  • 273ms Load-time
  • 24/7 live chat support and knowledge base articles
  • Unlimited bandwidth, special WordPress hosting servers, and free migration

2. SiteGround 

SiteGround is arguably the most famous WordPress hosting service to exist and highly-recommended by the WordPress community. It’s been actively powering up 80k domains all over the globe. 

Perhaps the best service the SiteGround provides is that relocates your data center to other locations. The primary benefit to it is that if you have a particular region of operations that you wish to target, you can use SiteGround. On top of that, you also get free CDNs, making your WordPress operations even faster in the process.

Another redeeming feature of this hosting platform is customer service. From getting you on onboard to eventually solving issues when they arise, their 24/7 help center doesn’t disappoint.

On top of everything else, you also get a reliable Uptime averaging at 99.99%. However, you will notice a slower load-time if compared with sites like HostGator.

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Salient Features: 

  • 99.99% Uptime.
  • 24/7 live-chat support.
  • Support for Google cloud servers, provides free SSL certificate (HTTPS), email accounts, and migration.

3. A2 Hosting

A leading provider of cheap hosting, A2 Hosting has tons of features that make using the service worth the investment. The company claims to be “20x faster than your current hosting”. Let’s verify this particular claim, shall we? 

First and foremost, all of their plans provide you with a free SSL certificate, so that’s a good beginning. They double-up on that by providing you with a free CDN and unlimited bandwidth. For any webmaster, these three features are an absolute must-have.

Similar to SiteGround’s services, A2 also provides website owners with the option to change their data center locations. However, that is just limited to data centres located in the USA, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

A2’s customer service feels a bit disappointing since it takes a long time for them to reply to customers even though it’s 24/7 with even an option to phone them. 

The platform’s Uptime performance overshadows both SiteGround and HostGator. The testing results show rapid load times of 299ms. On top of that, the server uptime is 99.99%.

When it comes to pricing, A2 hosting lives up to its promise. Starting at $2.99/month on a 36-month plan, it has lesser renewal fees than HostGator or SiteGround at $8.99/month. If you own multiple WordPress websites, then A2 is a good choice. 

Salient Features

  • 99.98% Uptime 
  • 299ms Loadtime
  • 24/7 Live-chat, phone, knowledge base articles, and email support 
  • Robust webservers, free SSLs, CDN, and 100GB of disk space 

4. InMotion 

A powerful name in the WordPress hosting industry, InMotion powers up over 350k domain names. 

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to make InMotion a prime choice for WordPress hosting. On top of providing users with free SSL, it also provides a free CDN service, plenty of WordPress themes, and unlimited email accounts.

In addition to this, they also provide free migrations and a pre-installed website builder – making the WordPress website development process a lot easier. The only limitation they do have is with the number of websites and their disk space. 

The only problem that we see with InMotion is its support for international customers. If you’ve subscribed to InMotion from outside the US or Canada, then you might face a little delay in your account verification. 

With regards to Uptime, InMotion comes at a comparably low 99.91% uptime averaging a speed of 542ms in the last 12-months. 

Now, let’s discuss pricing. Compared with the other hosting platforms discussed, the pricing of InMotion is somewhat topsy-turvy. It begins at $4.99 per month on a 3-year basis with a reduced renewal at $7.99 per month depending on your hosting plan and its features.

In a nutshell, InMotion is a pretty cool choice if you’re living in North America. That said, international customers can indeed benefit from this even with the delays. 

If you’re not satisfied with InMotion hosting, then you can also avail the 90-day money-back guarantee.

Salient Features: 

  • Highly reliable hosting service 
  • 542ms Loadtime
  • 99.91% Uptime
  • 24/7 live chat, email, knowledge base, and phone support. 
  • Pre-installed WordPress, unlimited bandwidth, and email accounts. 

5. Hostinger

If you’ve been in search of the best WordPress hosting service for a while now, then you will not be a stranger to Hostinger. Originated from Europe, it’s a platform that has data centres all across the continents of Asia, Europe, and the US.

When you first sign up with the platform, they don’t let you change your server locations. However, once you’ve signed up, you can change the server location to another available country by simply asking them. This is a nice feature to have if you plan to target a specific geographical location.

On top of that, they also provide a website builder that, while not being the best in WordPress website development, does have plenty of useful features. Another thing we’d like to mention is that if you’re a beginner, Hosting has a myriad of content that can get you up and running with WordPress. 

Let’s talk about customer support and server performance. The platform is quick and efficient with its live-chat functionality provided at multiple levels. With regards to Uptime, it provides 99.81% on average while having 321ms of load time.

Now, let’s look at the price of this hosting service. Starting at $2.15 per month, it has a 48-month plan that renews at $3.49 per month. A cheap hosting option, its plan includes unlimited bandwidth, storage, and disk space with one email account per plan.

In addition to that, it also provides you with an SSL certificate and site migration service. If you’re not satisfied with the service, you can get a 30-day refund of the product. 

Salient Features: 

  • 99.81% up-time guaranteed. 
  • 321ms of load times 
  • 24/7 live chat, email, phone, and knowledge base support.
  • Provides free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, and email accounts. 

6. DreamHost

Last but not least, we have DreamHost. Similar to InMotion, the platform is based in the US and supports over 340,000 customers all across the globe. On the official WordPress website, it is listed as one of the best WordPress hosting services.

For their users, they offer a simple solution – a highly scalable hosting platform that is quick, efficient, and reliable. 

All of their plans are built with this in mind. With each plan, they provide free SSL, SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Now, when it comes to free site migration and customer service, there are some problems with the platform. Site migration is not free on the platform while, live-chat is available during specific Pacific Timings. 

Salient Features: 

  • 99.62% Uptime 
  • 1002ms Load times 
  • Knowledge base articles and reduced live chat support
  • Pre-installed WordPress drag and drop builder 

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In this article, we highlighted the features, pricing, and performance of six of the most popular WordPress hosting services. 

Now, you might be asking the question: which one should I pick?

Well, it depends on the kind of functionality you want with the platform. Because of this, you need to jot down all the essential requirements of your website and then read through this article to decide the platform.  

Selecting the hosting provider is the first step towards building your WordPress website. The next step is installing WordPress on your server and choosing a WordPress theme.

Though a WordPress site can be built without hiring professional developers at all, there are times you need custom WordPress development. and for that, it’s highly recommended that you hire the help of a dedicated team that will create robust, secure, and high-performing WordPress solutions for you.

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