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The traditional adverts’ era is fast going into extinction, as marketers are now exploring better approaches to compel customers to buy. Since people prefer recommendations from people they know and trust, brands are now utilizing referral programs to accelerate business growth.

When businesses utilize their customers to acquire more customers, the result is always astonishing. Imagine you were able to convince 1000 customers to bring in two customers for a price. You will almost be tripling your customer base.

Without further ado, here are some fantastic Shopify referral apps that you can use in your business.

1. OSI Affiliate Software – #1 in Shopify Referral Apps

Many digital marketers regard OSI Affiliate Software as the king of them, thanks to the remarkable features that help businesses run a successful referral program. What companies love the most about this software is the detailed reporting feature, which can help marketers make the right decision when optimizing their campaigns.

Also, your customers can easily promote your products and services on their preferred social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. To cap it all, you can also assign promo codes to your influencers and customers, so they can easily promote your business on their social media handle.

You can also integrate other third-party apps like PayPal, Shopify, Wix, stripe, WooCommerce, etc.  Every feature in this Shopify app helps to increase traffic and boost sales. Numerous professionals have endorsed OSI Affiliate Software, and being on the top spot in this review of Shopify referral apps is evidence of its reliability.

2. MailerLite – #2 in Shopify Referral Apps

Email marketing is an intrinsic part of every digital marketing, and that is because marketers need full control, not rely only on Google. It has over a million users worldwide, and the reviews have been nothing but positive.

You don’t need to worry about pricing since it has a free version and even a free trial in case you want to upgrade. When you run into any hurdles, they have excellent customer care that ensures your problems are resolved without issues.

3. Marketing Solutions

Concentrix is among the top referral software you can use to run your Shopify store and increase your revenue. This software specializes in customer engagement and also, helping improve business performance. They ensure that you keep in touch with your customers, making them fanatics of your brand.

This company helps you to engage your customers while accelerating digital transformation and deliver actionable CX insights. Not only do they help your business, but they also do it securely. With over 500 fortune clients including Hunting Bow Lab, there is no doubt that they are the best at what they do.

4. NinjaOutreach

In case you’re wondering what this is, it is merely a blogger outreach software that you can use to grow your business‘s online presence. This fantastic software is a complete CRM, which allows marketers to manage the relationship with customers and also monitor analytics which is a surprising aspect in every marketing.

With this referral software, you don’t need more software as it comes with tons of features that make marketing a seamless experience. They also have a useful email automation feature, allowing marketers to customize email right from the platform.

5. Call Commando

Call Commando is a cloud based call center management tool that helps businesses manage sales calls, marketing campaigns, and even appointments. Through this fascinating solution, you can control necessary calls, contacts, emails, calls, and texts.

They don’t have a free version yet, but the free trial they offer is enough to help you decide. It also comes with a lot of features like call scripting and campaign management. If you encounter any issues, the customer support is ever ready to help bring a solution to your problem.

6. Smoove

Another best Shopify referral software that you can use to boost your business is Smoove. It is a SAAS marketing automation platform that helps businesses to maintain a better relationship with customers. Using this software, you will gain access to information that will allow your marketing efforts to be relevant and useful.

This referral software is for small and medium-scale enterprises, bloggers, etc.; it comes with a free version, coupled with a monthly plan of $15. It comes with lots of useful software that will help you become more efficient.

7. MaaxMarket

In case you’re wondering, MaaxMarket is an artificial intelligence platform that you can use to buff your business’s marketing without any hassles. Small and medium scale enterprises, including marketing agencies, find this software particularly helpful. The downside may be the cost of the monthly plan, which is something that new businesses might struggle to afford.

Gladly, there is a free version and also a free trial, which you can use to determine if the software is worth the price. It comes with lots of marketing automation features that you will find very helpful.

8. Instiller

If email marketing is still a massive part of your strategies, you probably will love this Shopify referral software. It offers a solution to all your marketing needs, coupled with image hosting, email testing, and dynamic content.

This software will best serve digital, creative, technology, and marketing agencies, with a free trial that you can use to decide. The monthly payment is expensive, and some businesses might not be able to afford it. However, it comes with lots of incredible features that you will find intriguing.

9. Brightpod

If you’re a project manager and looking for software that will solve your needs, perhaps Brightpod is up to the challenge. It is a management tool for all marketing agencies, with excellent features that make tracking, automation, insights, cross-project prioritization, and more.

There is no free version yet, but they offer a free trial. With this, you can use the software for a specific time before deciding to buy. Some of the edgy features include agile methodologies, collaboration tools, kanban board, and lots more.

10. Letsignit

If you’re looking for a unique software that allows you to manage and deploy email signatures, then this software will be the best bet for you. With this software, you can boost your website traffic, even promote your events and brand to a targeted audience using your email signatures.

Also, there are many pre-made templates you will grow to cherish, even an option to create or perhaps, import HTML code. But if you’re not a coder, you can also use the drag and drop interface to accomplish any task. Not forgetting, it is jam-packed with lots of incredible features.

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