Agile is a methodology for project management and software development that offers value to clients with minimal difficulties. A team working with this methodology provides work in small chunks encouraging frequent client feedback to make quick changes. If a software development team follows the agile methodology accurately, they should find it easier to make decisions that result in better software development overall. 

Advantages of agile 

  • Getting products to market quickly

Following the agile methodology gets products to users’ hands much faster, allowing speedy testing and fixing of software solutions reducing the time to market. 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

This practice helps teams to rapidly deliver products that continuously improve based on customer feedback. Customer collaboration is one of the main aspects of the agile methodology as outlined in the Manifesto. The more user needs are met, the more satisfied they will be, and the greater their loyalty becomes. 

  • Focusing on work that matters. 

With frequent follow-ups of the part of the products delivered, teams can efficiently prioritize the features and build that really matter to the end users and the wider business strategy. it means reshuffling priority tasks and switching focus on features that really matter in the final product.