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WooCommerce’s recent update shows just how far it has come! 

Free, open-source, and highly customizable, it allows you to create highly responsive, functional and overall modern eCommerce stores without needing any technical knowledge. 

Being a popular platform, Automattic, the developers of WooCommerce, keep updating the platform to make it better and better for users. WooCommerce 4.6 is a testament to that fact.  

Dropped during WooSesh, a global conference dedicated to eCommerce, this minor update comes at just the right time. 

The WooCommerce Home Screen – Now Enabled for Everyone

WooCommerce 4.6

Initially introduced in WooCommerce 4.3, the home screen dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of your eCommerce store. With the recent update, the home screen fulfils its original purpose with a mix of some new features. 

It now includes an inbox tab, quick access to store management options, sales reports, and traffic statistics. 

With the pandemic, many customers have resorted to online shopping, thus increasing the number of orders placed on an eCommerce website. With this update, WooCommerce users can see significant improvements in their order management workflows. 

Within the Home Screen, you get several useful options like:

The Inbox Tab 

This is efficient for store owners who want a birds-eye-view of what’s happening in their store. The inbox provides them with all the recent store activity, achievements, plugin or theme update messages, and more. 

Statistics and Sales Report Overview

This tab in the home screen provides you with a run-down of how your store is performing. You can filter the statistics based on weeks, months, and even days. As per standard, the stats are displayed in a visually appealing manner, making you analyze them without much difficulty. 

Store Management

This is perhaps the most useful feature within the home screen. An operational necessity, the store management option gives you access to vital store areas like: 

  • Market Your Store settings 
  • Product Management settings 
  • Store Personalization settings
  • Tax and Shipping settings 
  • Payment Options 
  • The front-end of your store 

This option within the home screen acts as a start-off point when you log-in to your administrator dashboard. 

New call-to-action

Store Wizard Checklist 

Specifically developed for new users, WooCommerce 4.6 comes with an updated wizard checklist that lets users get started with WooCommerce quickly and efficiently. 

Notable Updates to the Wizard 

  • Fixes with the country and language issues.
  • Styling improved for the notices in the Twenty-Twenty theme. 
  • It’s now possible to set up tax classes for non-ASCII characters. 
  • The old setup wizard is now removed. 

We recommended that you update to WooCommerce 4.6 at your earliest convenience. If you’re a new user and fear that the update might cause changes to your store, you can always hire an eCommerce developer to perform the updates and fixes for you. 

That being said, this is a minor update and would make little to no changes on your WooCommerce store. 

Why Upgrade to Woo 4.6? 

Updating, regardless of what the result might be, is always recommended. 

You see, WordPress and WooCommerce websites, while powerful, are quite vulnerable to malware injections and hacks. If your WordPress plugins, themes, and even the core aren’t updated, your site can get hacked or become vulnerable. 

By updating all the areas of your WordPress, you can stay secure. This also applies to the WooCommerce plugin that ensures security at all levels. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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