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Customer experience has become a huge differentiator in the Post-COVID world. Just reeling back from a time of uncertainty, consumers have become more wary of the kind of experience they receive from a business. 

In fact, when it comes to making a purchase decision, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. And 77% would recommend your business to others after a positive experience. 

So, how do you wow your customers and blow their socks off every time they engage with you? 

As Maya Angelou points out in the quote below, just make them feel good. That’s the key to good customer experience

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Here are some valuable tips on how to improve customer experience and build an insanely loyal customer base. 

Focus On Your Tone When Interacting With Customers

This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d surprised how many companies drop the ball when it comes to using the right words and a positive tone when communicating with your audience and customers. 

Whether you’re sending an email, a text message, or talking to them over the phone, you need to be aware of the kind of impression you’re making. 

Say, a customer drops a question about a certain product that is currently out of stock and can be backordered. 

There are two ways to handle this situation. You can robotically and coldly tell the customer that the product is out of stock currently and can be backordered. 

Or, you can be proactive with the customer and ask them if they would like you to place the order for them so that they can get it when its available back in stock. 

Especially when writing emails and chat messages, make sure you sound human and not robotic. Avoid using words like correspondence and fortnight. Just sound like yourself. 

And be particularly careful with your exclamation marks. Switching an exclamation mark with a period can make a big difference to your tone. 

Minimize Friction With Refunds and Returns

When things get iffy, it’s your chance to really stand out by being extra ordinary. Minimize the friction for customers to get refunds and returns. 

It may cost you a bit to process returns but the kind of value you’re adding to your business will be totally worth it. 

Don’t ask questions when customers ask for returns – no proof, no receipt, and no delays. Just assure them on their first call that you’ll refund it, no problem.

If you’re selling some small, low-cost items, it may not be feasible to ask the customer to ship it back to you to get a refund or an exchange. Give free returns in that case and win your customer’s heart. 

Create Realistic Expectations and Over Deliver

An old key strategy to delight and thrill your customers has been to under promise and over deliver. However, with your competitors stepping up their customer support and customers becoming more aware of customer experience, you need to win their trust and confidence with a promise that builds realistic expectations. 

Make customer experience an intrinsic part of the company and let the customer know how important their experience is to you.  

Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers

Find excuses to surprise your customers using different techniques. Consider sending birthday treats, thank-you notes, or surprise offers to hook the customer onto your business. 

Everyone loves surprises and gifts. Getting a hand-written note in their mail, for example, is definitely going to make them feel good about you. 

This auto-mechanic service is a great example of good customer experience. Someone posted this picture on Reddit and the users commented that if their mechanic ever sent a note like that, they would never go to any other mechanic. 

Just following up with your customers after an order is delivered and asking if everything went right with the order is also a good way to make them feel good.

Make It Easy For Them To Connect With You

Times have changed. A toll-free number, a support email address, or a contact form on the website aren’t enough. 

Your customers are now mostly millennials who have spending power and prefer different methods of communication. 

Studies show chat is the preferred mode of communication for millennials due to convenience and speed. 

You need to make sure your customers can reach out to you easily and don’t have to spend time waiting on hold as they try to connect with a support agent.  

SMS-enabled helpdesk and live chat system can make it easy breezy for your customer to connect with you and raise concerns or seek help. 

AireComms Apps developed by Codup are a range of customer engagement solutions that help businesses improve their customer experience and reduce friction from customer interaction. Explore our range of products and view demo to see the app in action.  

Respond Fast and Quick

66% of people feel that valuing their time is an important thing a company can do to delight them with good customer experience. 

Customer expectations have become higher – they want you to respond to their queries swiftly. Make sure your support team is equipped to deliver fast and rapid responses. 

Make use of self-service tools like knowledge bases and automation solutions like chat bots to keep the burden off your people and to make sure when a customer does connect with a human, they are responded to quickly. 

Here are some quick facts about the time expectations of customers in relation to different channels. 

  • The average wait time for live chat is 45 seconds.
  • 75% of online customers expect help within five minutes.
  • Consumers are willing to hold for 11 minutes on average before hanging up on phone. 
  • Customers expect to receive a reply on their emails within an hour. 

With that said, you now know how to improve customer experience so that your customers feel good and get happy with your business. 

Be a merchant of WOW. Delight your customers and win their trust and loyalty forever. 

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