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From the moment it first began, Codup has seen significant growth, evolving its offering with the industry changes. A pet project of CEO Asim Bawany, the company has transformed into an agency staffing over 50+ skilled and competent developers, business analysts, marketers, and more. 

In the words of the CEO himself: 

 “We’ve been 8 years in the making, and have grown from a team of 2 to 50+ in these 8 years. Getting featured on Clutch among top companies in Asia for the second time is a big milestone for us. You don’t always know how your clients feel about your work. Clutch bridged that gap for us, and knowing that our work is valued so highly motivates our team to achieve greater heights.” 

Asim Bawany, CEO,

It’s not easy to become a Clutch Leader. The cut-throat competition in the digital services industry, among other factors, has made Clutch’s vetting process rather complex. To the select the Crème de la Crème, the analysts at Clutch perform extensive research, and evaluate the offerings of each individual agency before handing out the award. 

Given the very nature of this award, it’s a prestigious accolade for Codup to receive the Clutch Asia Award for its B2B eCommerce development services.

Part of the reason why Codup was given the title of best B2B eCommerce development agency in Asia was due to the fact that we’ve been receiving plenty of reviews and ratings on Clutch for the successful completion of our services. 

To provide the reader with a sneak peek:

In this project, we integrated two marketplaces to create a vendor marketplace, displaying a variety of different pricing options. Our project managers and developers understood the objectives and created a marketplace that was in accordance with our clients’ vision. 

B2B Development Agency

We provide customized B2B eCommerce solutions.

b2b dev agency

Why the extensive focus on B2B eCommerce development?

The eCommerce market in general is a land of opportunity for everyone and while B2C eCommerce development services does have its place in the industry, it falls short against the massive potential of B2B eCommerce. We’ve observed that potential and adapted our offerings to provide development services for B2B eCommerce.

Our services focus on quality, communication, and dedication. From mapping out project requirements, to its eventual delivery – Codup ensures that they offer their services at the highest quality possible. 

We’ve taken our legacy and built upon it. Last year, Clutch bestowed us with awards for being the top B2B companies in not only Pakistan, but also Asia. This year, we’ve managed to keep that record established. 

 “I think their skill level is incredibly high which, combined with their willingness to work on a difficult custom project, means you’re really going to get a great result in the end.” – Founder, Membership Site

To our clients and business partners, who helped us get the award for best B2B eCommerce development agency in Asia not only once, but twice. Many thanks. 

Looking to get your B2B eCommerce site developed? Drop us a line with your requirements and let’s discuss your project further! 

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