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Let’s get this straight, generating high-quality B2B leads is a challenging task and no one can deny it.

Even sales representatives with top level sarcasm wouldn’t take a chance to utter such a statement. If you’re a B2B marketer, you must have spent your many nights feeding the B2B lead machine. 

Generating high-quality B2B leads is the backbone of an excellent B2B marketing strategy.  

You must have read many articles on B2B lead generation giving you a handful of tips and tricks to try, without much content.  

Keeping that in mind, our B2B lead generation professionals have pulled together the most effective lead generation strategies and tips in B2B marketing.

So ,let’s take a look at them.

8 Tips and strategies to generate B2B leads for 2021

Content Marketing

‘Content is the King’

You might have heard this phrase a thousand times. Nowadays customers trust on those brands who provide high-quality, engaging, and unique information in the form of content. 

Companies who have interesting and unique content to share with the audience, Content Marketing is certainly an amazing option for them. 

To make this strategy work, your research skills must be profound and you must know how to communicate with your audience. You need to come up with such content that your visitors will enjoy.

Learn your targeted audience and provide them with high-quality content. Coming up with high-quality content arguably requires much more planning and resources.

It can take a couple of months to pull together high-quality infographics, case studies, whitepapers, and eBooks. Gathering all the relevant data and analyzing it to produce something useful is a daunting task. 

Even if this strategy is pretty challenging, we assure you it will be a great investment to make for a successful future. 

Moreover, if you want to win your SEO game, you should definitely have a powerful content marketing strategy that offers quality information that your targeted audience will value. 

Also ensure, to formulate a lead generation strategy that’s not only beneficial for your audience but something your marketing team can keep up with consistency

Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail to stay consistent. We strongly suggest you to stay consistent once you have all plans and strategies in your hands. 

Undeniably, content marketing strategy is one of the best resources to generate B2B leads.

Tap into the social communities

Social media allows you to refine B2B lead generation processes. 62% of B2B marketers believe social media communities like LinkedIn are proven to be highly effective for generating leads. 


It gives brands and businesses a platform where they can engage and communicate with customers directly. 

Social media advertising is quite effective, because it’s hard to see someone who doesn’t use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram nowadays. Ads placed on social media communities are highly targeted because it allows you to set up gender, age, location, interest and likes etc. 

You can generate countless leads through social media. However, it’s not as easy as it looks like. Before jumping on this bandwagon you need to truly understand how this strategy actually works.

Jab,Jab,Jab,Right Hook

“Jab,Jab,Jab,Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchunk is a highly recommended book that is great for those who want to use social media in the right way to obtain best results. The book talks about how to effectively communicate on social media platforms using the ‘Jab’ and the ‘Right Hook’ approach.

‘Jab’ is the content you create for your audience and ‘right hook’ is a sales/marketing message with CTA e.g buy a product, fill a form, share this product offer. To generate leads through social media advertising, you should do 3 jabs for a single right hook. 

All in all, social media advertising is an azamzing strategy to generate B2B leads if used in the right way.

Turn ‘Out of Stock’ into a great opportunity 

When your products go out of stock, you lose many customers. But there’s a way to turn it into a great opportunity. 

Instead of displaying a red alert, add a form just below your ‘Out of Stock’ message. By adding a form you can ensure customers that you will restock that particular product soon and they’ll be notified when it is available.

Out of Stock

You can also add a countdown timer to let your customers know when to come back to your store to buy that product. 

Build your email lists using the Godfather-strategy

“Sign-up today for the newsletter” or “Join our family of 3000+ top-notch marketers”

What sounds more appealing? Well, we think the second sentence because it sounds way more captivating. It’s the same offer but with some social proof.

Old pitching statements like ‘Sign-up today for the newsletter” just don’t work in this century because customers have stopped reading newsletters. They expect personalized content. Specific, point-solving and laser focused content that meets their needs and interests. 

As the G.O.A.T of copywriting, Gary Halbert said, 

“You should think more about how to “sweeten” your offer than any other aspect of writing copy.”

To generate leads,B2B marketers should follow the same approach with their email marketing Call-to-action. 

Use FOMO to improve your site conversion rate

Applying scarcity also known as FOMO is among those few tactics that can improve your conversion rates in less time.


Let’s take a real life example:

Melissa Burkely and Jessica Parker conducted a research by showing women a photograph of their potential dream man. They told half of the ladies the man is single and half of the ladies he is committed. 

59% of women were actually interested in pursuing the guy when he was single. That’s predictable. But, the percentage lapsed to 90% when they assumed he was taken!

So it’s true, we want to have what we cannot

But before using this strategy in the B2B market you need to think thoroughly.

Remember visitors are not dumb. They are clever enough to spot fake offers and they will feel deceived which is not beneficial for your brand image.

So ensure to use it moderately. We have listed a few situations below where you should use it:

  • When you have a limited time offer
  • When only a few seats left in your webinars
  • When a item is about to go out of stock
  • When your product(s) is purchased 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Content marketing and SEO take time. If you want to get quick results, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the best and easiest way if you know your targeted audience. 

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC advertising platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Bing Ads work to facilitate B2B marketers to reach their highly targeted audience  with click-worthy marketing campaigns. 

It can be pretty expensive but using PPC gives faster and better results if compared to results obtained with organic methods. 50% of customers landing on a business site from a paid ad are more likely to make a purchase than those who come through organic links. 

If you’re relying on organic marketing strategies like social media and SEO and struggling to get the results you want, maybe it’s high-time you start thinking about investing in PPC. 

Cold emailing is challenging

Be creative with your cold emails

Let’s think in this way, you open your inbox and find an email from an unknown company. You might be a little hesitant to open that email. But if you open it you expect it to be something of an outclass. 

Be creative with your cold emails

When you have no prior relationship with a company or a person then you should make a good first impression to get quality results. 

Here are a list of things we suggest to B2B marketers to generate more leads from cold emailing:

  • Be creative to stand out among your competitors. You can include stuff like memes or GIFs to grab people’s attention.
  • Business life is pretty boring. Sprinkle a little humour and saas on your emails so customers will actually enjoy reading it.
  • Avoid spamming people with marketing lingo and be straight forward. 
  • Send at least 3 followup emails just to make sure your messages don’t get lost in your customers’ inboxes.

Ask quizzes to generate 50% more leads

Quizzes are the newest fad in B2B lead generation strategies. 

Neil Patel with Eric Sui discussed quizzes in the 135th episode of their podcast. 

They said, 

“We just don’t talk about it much because we don’t want everybody copying us.”

Well we don’t know about you, but when a guy like him who runs one of the largest marketing blogs hesitates to talk about a particular lead generation strategy he uses, it signifies it working pretty good for him. 

Surveys is a flexible and inexpensive strategy. You can tweak the questions according to the needs and interests of your targeted audience. 

Even Hubspot has written a step by step article that tells you in detail how to create a survey form via Google Forms. 

 Google Forms

We suggest using Google Forms to create surveys because it’s a free online tool that can be simply embedded into WordPress sites, emails, and contact form plugins

Just remember to keep the quiz engaging, fun, and easy to generate maximum leads out of it.

Final Thoughts

As we have stated above that generating B2B leads isn’t that easy as it looks like. You can’t just simply pick up a strategy and apply it on a B2B audience. It’s not necessary that strategies that work for one business will fit on others too.

The foundation of B2B lead generation is to know your targeted audience and understand how they interact with your business. 

We hope this article will be of great help for all the B2B marketers who’re looking for tips and strategies to generate B2B leads in 2021.

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