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The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest non-profit conservation organization, embarked on an ambitious project to enhance their online retail platform.

With a mission to conserve wildlife and their habitats, NWF faced unique challenges in their online sales strategy, particularly in selling native plants and trees across diverse US regions.

Their Need?

NWF’s primary challenge was the geographic restrictions on their product sales. Each plant could only be sold in specific zip codes, necessitating a sophisticated e-commerce solution on their Shopify Plus platform.

Additionally, NWF aimed to offer personalized product recommendations based on customers’ local climates and personal preferences, requiring integration with a complex product recommendation matrix stored within Salesforce.

Our Solution?


Product Listing Page Filters

Codup added a dynamic zip code verification filter on Product Listing Pages of the NWF website. This innovation allows customers to see only the products available in their region, based on real-time Salesforce queries. By tailoring product visibility to geographical restrictions, we ensured a seamless and relevant shopping experience, significantly reducing customer frustration and streamlining the product selection process.


Zip code verification on Product Detail Page

On the Product Detail Page, Codup implemented a crucial zip code verification feature. Before customers can add a product to their cart, the system verifies if the product is available for their zip code, using sophisticated Salesforce query integration. This step includes comprehensive error handling for invalid or missing zip codes, ensuring customers are fully informed and only able to purchase products available in their area.


Checkout Process Validator

A sophisticated zip code product validator was integrated at the checkout phase to confirm that each product is eligible for sale to the provided shipping address. This validation process, powered by Salesforce CRM, automatically disables the checkout button for unavailable products, accompanied by a popup notification for the customer. This meticulous validation ensures compliance with regional sales restrictions and enhances customer trust.


Personalized Product Recommendation Quiz

Codup developed a unique, multi-step product recommendation quiz housed on a dedicated page. This quiz, comprising five targeted questions, gathers user preferences on native plantings, garden space, sunlight exposure, and more, offering personalized product suggestions. Responses are seamlessly pushed to Salesforce CRM, with users then directed to a curated product list tailored to their quiz answers. This feature not only personalizes the shopping experience but also educates customers on the best choices for their environment. 


Anonymity Resolution at Checkout

To bridge the gap between anonymous interactions and personalized service, Codup devised a method to identify quiz participants at checkout through an “anonymous quiz” cookie. This innovation allows for the association of quiz responses with customer orders, ensuring personalized service continuity and enhancing data richness for future insights.


Salesforce CRM Integration

Every quiz response is directly pushed to Salesforce via API, ensuring a robust and comprehensive customer data collection. This integration facilitates deep insights into customer preferences, enabling NWF to refine their product offerings and marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Regular Shopify Optimization

Our team collaborates with an optimization specialist who leverages heatmaps and various tools to suggest modifications aimed at boosting NWF’s conversion rate. Our role encompasses implementing these recommendations, managing the development and technical aspects, and addressing insights provided by these professionals.

We are currently focusing on a critical optimization effort that involves reconfiguring the Salesforce architecture, which is impacting the site response time as all data is stored on Salesforce. This critical development project is expected to reduce load time to 1s.

Load Time Reduced from 7s to 1s and Conversion Rates Boosted Up Drastically

Codup’s tailored Shopify solutions propelled NWF towards achieving their conservation goals through an optimized e-commerce platform. This case study exemplifies Codup’s ability to tackle unique industry challenges, delivering a project that not only meets client specifications but also drives forward their mission.

  • Improved site speed and conversion rates, enhancing the overall user experience and e-commerce efficiency.
  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV) and customer retention through better product survival rates, owing to the targeted selling approach.
  • Enhanced customer insights from the personalized recommendation quiz, enabling NWF to fine-tune their marketing and product strategies.
  • Successful integration with Salesforce, creating a unified customer data management system.

A good tech partner transforms challenges into triumphs.

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