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As part of their partnership with the Freshworks. Inc, has recently launched Twilio Plus, an integration that utilizes the functionalities of Freswork’s FreshDesk, and combines it with the Twilio’s programmable SMS API.

With Twilio Plus, Codup has introduced a new paradigm into FreshDesk’s already-robust platform by empowering sales teams to target customers and provide customer service through SMS – straight from the FreshDesk dashboard.

If the customer has any query they would like to discuss with the customer service agents but they do not have an internet connection, all they have to do is send an SMS to the business through the number provided by Twilio. Once sent, the SMS is converted by Twilio into a FreshDesk ticket, which is then received by the customer service agents, who are then able to process that ticket to provide customer service.

Key Features
• Ticket status notifications through SMS.
• SMS notifications for public notes/ new replies.
• Customizable SMS templates.
• Custom messages to the ticket opener via SMS.

Since 2018, Codup had been observing the rapid developments in the customer service industry. Their primary focus has been on the phenomenon of service transformation. Because of such changes, Codup believes that their FreshDesk SMS integration has come at an opportune time.

Twilio Plus by Codup.

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