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In this post, we’ll be discussing everything related to the React platform. If you’re an employer, you can learn where to find and recruit the right talent. If you’re a developer, you can learn the various skills you need to get started with React development. 

So, let’s start.

What is a React Developer? 

React developer

A React developer is just like any other developer. The only difference is that he/she knows how to use the React library to build interactive components. 

A React developer can help you get started with building robust web applications quickly and efficiently. 

What is React JS? 

 React JS, in simple terms, is a front-end development library. It allows users to build user interfaces for web applications and websites. Between a user and a smart device (laptop, tablet, smartphone), the first point of contact is always the user’s interface where they interact with the applications they work with. 

React developers help build that and ensure that the user interface is built for user experience: meaning that it’s seamless and efficient. 

Before React JS was conceived, it was the wild west. Everyone was using raw JavaScript, jQuery, or any other library to build UI’s. More often than not, it meant a longer development curve which caused product release delays.

This included solving errors and bugs which resulted in more time taken to create applications. The first React prototype was called Fax.JS, which then eventually transformed into React JS. 

Why React JS? 


React JS is the go-to choice for most developers because, primarily, it is used by major businesses all across the world. Tech companies the world over build applications using the library. 

It’s built on top of JavaScript, which means that it simplifies JavaScript’s development processes. 

Due to its increasing popularity, React is favored by businesses the world over. A skilled developer is high in demand and if you’re a developer looking to get started with a new library, then go for React development. 

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What Does a React Developer Do? 

React developer

The job of a React developer is the same as any other front-end developer: developing user interface features that a website’s visitors interact with. The only difference is that it’s done on React JS instead of other libraries. 

Making sure the user experience is seamless and functional is the primary job. This includes using the front-end skills they already have: like using icons, online forms, graphic icons, voice recognition, and gesture identification methods. These are features that make the user experience a lot better. 

For a React developer, having the knowledge of React JS, knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, as well as other programming languages, is essential. The developer needs to incorporate them with React JS for the application to work successfully.

In addition to that, a major job for React developers is to ensure good communication with programmers, web designers, and project managers to coordinate with a clients’ software project.

React Developer Skills 

React Developer Skills

React is one of the most powerful tools for front-end development. Organizations the world over realize the importance of this platform.

If you’re looking to get ahead in being a front-developer, you have to morph into the role of a React developer since the market is filled with React developer jobs. 

The following skills are a must-have for React developers. 

In-depth knowledge of HTML CSS and JavaScript is an absolute must. 

Besides that, you should also focus on learning the ins and outs of React development. 

Now let us get a bit more technical. 

The typescript framework, stylus, python, SaaS, and Less preprocessor. Having backend knowledge can also come in useful when talking to developers. 

Coming to React, you should have knowledge of the React framework and its associated tools like Enzyme, Redux, And Flux. If you’re going to be a top-notch React developer, you will also need to have some experience with other libraries like jQuery, Moment, Require, Knockout, Backbone, and more. 

Software testing tools like Mocha, TDD, Karma, and Selenium are your best choice in this situation. 

Knowledge of databases like MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL can prove favorable during job searches.

Have working knowledge on how repositories like GitHub, and Bitbucket work. 

You should know how cloud management platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, and Google Cloud work.

Last, but not least, you should have knowledge of how project management tools like Zoho, Jira, Trello, and Asana work. 

Where To Find a React Developer 

If you’re looking to hire a React developer for your next project, then there is no shortage of platforms. But here’s the thing: you can find a developer, but whether it’s the right one or not is something that you have to decide during the hiring process. 

Anyways, here are some of the best platforms you can choose a React developer from:

  • Communities: Reddit, Hashcode, Stack Overflow Jobs, and Facebook groups can help you spot and recruit experienced talent with React JS. 
  • Conferences: There are plenty of developers you can find through attending conferences and events. 
  • Freelancing Platforms: Sites like Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr are all places where you can find expert developers who are ready to take on your next project. 
  • Job Boards: You have LinkedIn jobs, job street, monster, and other websites that can help you recruit useful talent for your brand. 

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Hire a React Developer Today

When you hire the right React developer your workflow becomes a lot easier. There is a reason why React developers are high in demand. Besides being one of the most used JavaScript libraries in recent years, React developers are quite useful since they bridge the gap between the visual appeal of the website while mixing it up with the server-side of the website. There is a connection between the look and functionality of the application that you should consider. 

If you’re looking for a seasoned developer who can take your web applications and website to the next level then contact Codup. We help build a scalable and robust web application using the React library. Hire from our list of top talent. 

We hope this gave you complete insights on what a React developer does, what are the necessary skills for a React developer, and where you can find and hire a React developer for your brand.

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