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For years, the gaming industry has been booming, but the increase in esports has made it soar. You could be interested in either being a game enthusiast who wants to contribute to the industry or an entrepreneur seeking new ways to expand your business.

To get into this top-notch industry, you need to have your own gaming website. Now you must be wondering how having your own gaming website is beneficial. 

Well, if you have your own gaming site, you’ll be able to create and provide content for this massive gaming industry. You could even host multiplayer games on your own private server.

In this post, we’ll explore this huge world of gaming sites and the factors that contribute to their popularity. Then, in five easy steps, we’ll show you how to create your own gaming website on wordpress. 

Pretty exciting right? So without any further ado, let’s begin.

An overview : Gaming website

Undoubtedly, gaming is a massive industry. A total of 2.7 billion gamers were estimated to exist throughout the world by 2020, and the gaming industry as a whole was anticipated to be worth approximately $160 billion.

 For website owners, this provides a tremendous chance to acquire a highly engaged audience as well as a significant amount of prospective traffic.

Gaming website

Because of the large number of individuals who are interested in this area, there is a great deal of opportunity for advertising and of course revenue. If you’re searching for additional money streams, affiliate marketing may be a good option for you – gamers are passionate about their gears.

Finally, you may utilise your website to run your own dedicated game server, if you so want to do so. A variety of advantages over utilising a public server, such as increased performance and a more private experience, may be gained by using an internal server. You may use your server as an add-on function to a larger site, or it can act as the primary product — either way, it is guaranteed to please the fans.

Creating a gaming website using WordPress in 5 easy steps

You’re probably wondering how you’re going to go about creating a gaming website at this point. You should be able to get started with the five steps listed below. Please keep in mind that we are presuming that you want to utilise WordPress as the foundation of your website and this tutorial reflects that.

Make a game plan for your gaming website

Make a strategy for the sort of gaming website you want to own before starting to build one. This will save you time and money in the long run. There are a variety of options available to you:

  • A gaming blog

Your gaming blog might cover a wide range of topics, including everything from industry news and game studio coverage to the latest game and hardware releases. In addition to being a wonderful method to attract visitors to a website, blogging opens the door to a variety of revenue opportunities. Affiliate marketing, subscription-only content, and ad income are all examples of recurring revenue streams.

  • A game reviews website

Consumers who are trying to decide where to spend their hard-earned money will find game evaluations and comparisons to be quite helpful. As a result, this sort of site has a great deal of potential. A lot of this content overlaps with a more broad gaming blog, so you could merge the two if you think it would be more beneficial to your readership.

  • A gaming website for professional gamers

Over the last several years, professional gaming (also known as e-sports) has seen a significant increase in its popularity. It has grown into a billion-dollar industry[3] with millions of followers all over the world. A website devoted to e-sports might provide coverage of matches and tournaments, player rankings, and forthcoming special events, as well as comments and thoughts on the games itself.

  • A website that provides hosting for a game server

Private server hosting for your favourite game may be both a gratifying personal pastime and a possible source of money in and of itself. Many of the drawbacks of public servers, such as congestion, speed bottlenecks, and unpleasant persons, are avoided by using a private server configuration.

It is critical to understand the direction in which you want to take your website because this will influence other decisions you will make later on, such as your hosting needs and marketing approach.

Choosing the right hosting plan

Deciding on a website type means it’s finally time to begin development.

First, you must choose a web host and package to match your requirements (and budget).

For the vast majority of gaming websites, a shared hosting package works fine. Gaming servers will almost definitely require a more specialised package that delivers higher performance and greater control than a regular hosting plan.

In order to run a gaming blog or news website, a trustworthy and best WordPress hosting service, such as Bluehost, is required. While spending as little as $2.75 each month, you will have money left over to invest in other areas of your website’s development. You can expect high-quality support for WordPress when utilizing Bluehost.

wordpress gaming website

To run a game server on your website, you need to choose a more powerful and trustworthy shared hosting package. Virtual private servers are several solid alternatives for dedicated hosting (VPS).

Because you’ll be the only one accessing the server (whether it’s virtual or real), you will have more control over it. After doing so, you may adjust it for gaming traffic and, likely, improve performance.

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Choose your domain

To get your site online, you will need to register a domain name and pick a hosting package. Your domain name is your site’s permanent address on the internet, enabling users to locate and access it.

Your domain preference is flexible, as long as it’s accessible. You should bear in mind the following before making your selection:

  • A memorable and unique domain helps people retain your site’s memory, encouraging return visitors.
  • Using keywords in your domain names may have a significant influence on your SEO.
  • Your domain is also important in shaping the overall brand identity and perception of your site.

Choosing a domain name requires thinking and effort. To begin keyword research, we recommend utilising Google Keyword Planner.

choose your domain

Consider building a brand and then identify keywords that best describe your site. Choose something that is clear, succinct, and memorable, and you will be OK.

If you’re registering your domain, you have two options:

Domain registration is often included in many hosting plans. Many will even cover the domain registration for a year. Most web hosting plans come with this pre-installed. They’ll offer you a free domain name with Bluehost.

Domain registrars are third-party services who sell domain names, enabling you to purchase them. You may then link that domain to your web host.

Optionally, you can choose to use your web hosting provider. After you’ve registered your domain, it’s finally time to start creating your gaming website.

Customize your gaming website

The installation of WordPress is the first stage in the process of creating your website. Many hosting companies automatically instal WordPress for you during the registration process or give a one-click instal option, which makes the procedure quick and straightforward. These settings are often found in the administrative interface of your web hosting provider.

After WordPress has been installed, you may begin customising your website. It all starts with selecting the appropriate theme. The theme you choose has a significant impact on how virtually every part of your website is displayed, so choosing wisely is critical.

It is possible to create a professional-looking website using any free or premium WordPress themes. There are hundreds of themes available, many of which are free, so you do not have to pay a lot of money. While you may choose a theme that is specifically designed for 

gaming, a multipurpose theme is likely to be more versatile and have a more comprehensive feature set.

For example, Neve has an ever-expanding collection of beginning sites as well as several modification choices to help you adapt your site’s identity (plus, it’s completely free) to your needs.

gaming website customization

It is possible to begin adding extra functionality once you have selected a theme and determined how your website should appear. WordPress has a large number of plugins that may be used to enhance the functionality of your site.

The specific plugins you use will be determined by the sort of game website you are creating on your website. If you run a game or hardware review site, for example, you could be interested in a review plugin that is specifically designed for that purpose.

To recapitulate, don’t forget to install essential WordPress plugins on your gaming website.

Create your gaming server

Finally, you may wish to set up a gaming server for your website. This might sound tough, but the technique is actually rather simple. Additionally, most games provide in-depth walkthroughs for you to follow.

For each game and each set of goals, the precise process is different plus it can be complicated, so make sure to follow the game developer’s instructions carefully. Complementary communities of helpful players can sometimes present in games as well.

Create your gaming website today!

To succeed in online business, look no further than the world of gaming. Making a game website has a huge amount of traffic potential, along with several income opportunities, such as basic ad revenue, affiliate sales, and the ability to set up private servers.

To create your gaming website, just follow the above mentioned steps, that’s all.

Do you have any queries regarding creating a gaming website. Please feel free to mention in the comments section below!

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