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Success Stories: Software Development Case Studies


Codup built PayDotCom, a next-generation Affiliate Marketing Platform using the LAMP tech stack. We built dynamic features as per our client’s requests that allowed PayDotCom to really stand out in the market. Our efficient processes made the project a success and gave our client raving reviews on launch.


CyberizeIt is a futuristic platform providing its clients with an opportunity to get their documents notarized without going out. Codup, with its talented team of software and QA engineers, built a seamless and full-fledged notarization platform and allowed our client to get to market with a functional MVP within 3 months.

airebeam scheduler

We built Airebeam Scheduler that allowed teams to assign and review tasks and report back to the respective teams. As a result, the app boosted connectivity among teams at AireBeam and helped them better manage their work.

The Software Solutions We're Experts at Building

Web Application Development

We use modern frameworks, structured architecture, and user-centric designs to build scalable web apps that set us apart from the competition. Our agile development processes ensure faster MVP development, allowing the client to get to market fast and inform further development based on obseration rather than prediction.

Mobile Application Development

We have a decade of experience building user friendly mobile apps that help businesses make an impact. Whether you need an iOS, Android, cross platform or hybrid, our expert mobile app developers are well versed with all popular mobile development technologies. Rely on Codup to bring your idea to life!

cloud application development

With expertise in cloud and DevOps technologies like NodeJS, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Docker, Gitlab, AWS, and more, the Codup team can develop user-friendly and feature-rich cloud applications for you. Our team of developers can handle all - native cloud apps, hybrid cloud apps and multi cloud apps.

SAAS Application Development

Software-as-a-Service being one of the fastest business models, we help our clients streamline their business operations and elevate customer experiences with custom SaaS apps. We use multi-tenant architecture that keeps data secure, makes it easier to update applications, and reduces costs.

Desktop Application Development

Our experts hold a proven record in developing complex desktop apps for diverse businesses and industries. Keeping in mind the specific needs and objectives, we develop the best software development solution that’s not only functional but also easily extensible and maintainable.

Our clients are impressed with our responsiveness and communication.

Software Development for online Notary Service

“They were very accommodating and created opportunities for solutions to be made”

Amy Seitz

CEO, Cyberize It, LLc.

software development engagement models

Software development process

How We Use Agile to Improve Time to Market

Being software development service providers, our development process encompasses a comprehensive process of designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining software solutions.

Understanding product specification

Creating prototypes

QA Testing

Crafting road map



Understanding product specification

The experts at Codup give utmost importance to understanding the requirements of the project—the preferences for designs and the client’s idea of the final product. We work with a collaborative approach to ensure alignment in the business approach.

Crafting road map

Our solutions are based on well-defined project planning and leave nothing to the imagination. We devise a strategic road map to ensure every stage of the process aligns perfectly with the specifications and ideas of the client. We ensure to take our client's approval for every document and material to ensure transparency in our work.

Creating prototypes

With initial research and approval of the workflow, we design a prototype to move on to the development stage of the project. We leverage the latest technologies to develop website architectures and responsive software design solutions having the potential to create customer experience.


We follow agile software development practices focusing on quality development, management of the project, and collaborative effort. This enables us to deliver value in a predictable time frame and cost. It also allows us to focus more on the project and accommodate last-minute changes while avoiding risks.

QA Testing

Our QA experts ensure the quality of the developed software in the given time frame. From basic design to development of software to bug fixing, we provide functionality, scalability, usability, and security of the software.


Upon approval, we deploy the final product. We also ensure product maintenance after deployment and regular updates to ensure optimum product functionality.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.


A scope for the sprint is planned and user stories are written onto a Kanban board.

We've 10 years of experience in developing digital solutions.

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Why Choose Codup for Your Software Project?

Customer-Centric Approach

We strive to provide value to our customers. Our clients being the center of our services, we endeavor to provide world-class software solutions.

Clean and Scalable

The experts at Codup are dedicated to delivering reliable solutions with clean code that’s written following best practices.


We develop and deploy highly functional software with strong project management and mitigate errors.

Minimal Language and Time-zone Barriers

We ensure an efficient workflow to reach our goals on time.


We combine expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and our passion for innovation to deliver unmatched quality.

Responsive Communication

Our dedicated professionals strive to ensure that every aspect of the project is completely understood and communicated clearly.

Trusted by Leading Global Brands

Our Software Development Services to Sculpt Your Ideas

Industries We've Expertise in

We deliver real value to our clients with specialized knowledge of diverse domains in the IT industry.

Ecommerce Application development

We help businesses reach their true potential and make the most out of their investment with modern software and speed, scalability, and security. Our optimized eCommerce solutions help advance your business growth and provide the best shopping experience to your consumers.

Marketing automation software development

We provide our customers with comprehensive marketing automation software solutions to perform numerous marketing tasks in a snap to engage your target audience and drive traffic with automated marketing tactics. We make them simple but effective and easily manageable for the teams.

Hospitality management software

Partner with experts in hospitality management software development to deliver custom solutions designed and built from the ground up, modernized, and seamlessly integrated with the in-house hospitality management processes.

CMS development

Developing tailor-made CMS development solutions that facilitate businesses to create, manage and optimize the digital experience of the customers. We ensure the optimum functionality of the platform and deliver creative solutions to meet our client’s business goals.

Remote online notarization software

Our expertise is not limited to creating simple software. Being experts, we have pushed our limits to create software making notarization easier for the users. We made a ground-breaking software design to meet business goals using modern technology and expertise.

eLearning Platform Development

Learning now is not just limited to books and online encyclopedias. eLearning platforms are making learning from learned teachers and professionals easier. Being a software development company, we endeavor to create highly functional eLearning platforms integrated with credible knowledge to make learning easier for users.


A software Development company designs and develops applications and tools to help businesses solve problems and achieve their business goals. From designing a prototype of a software application to programming, documenting, testing, bug fixing in creating and maintaining the software, and updating the code, there are many services that a software development company provides.
The cost of software development comes down to the hourly wage of the engineers working on the project and the technology stack involved in building the software. The approximate range of the development cost may vary from a five-figure number to six figures based on the complexity of the software.
There are many reasons companies prefer outsourcing software development projects to offshore agencies. For one, it’s more cost effective to hire an offshore agency than build an in-house software team. The base salary of an in-house developer in the US can be 10 times higher than of an offshore developer. Then, it’s also very challenging retaining those developers and preventing them from abandoning your project mid-cycle.
Agile is an iterative software development process in which software is built iteratively based on observation rather than prediction. Instead of following a fixed scope in the beginning, software is built in sprints of no more than 4 weeks. A release is delivered to the client after every 4 weeks for UAT. The client provides feedback, which then informs the next sprint of development.
When choosing a software development company, it’s important to consider the following: number of years in the industry; expertise in developing software solutions; past portfolio of projects; profile of clients that have been satisfied; time-zone of the development company; and responsiveness of the team.

If your requirements are clear in the beginning and you know pretty well what you need, go for the fixed price model. We recommend this model for small projects.

If like most software projects, your requirements aren’t clear in the beginning and you want to test first and use user feedback to inform your product development, the hourly time and material model is best. This is mostly preferable for product development projects.

If you have already launched the first version of your product and want to continuously improve and maintain your project, the monthly retainer model is best in this case. In this model, you get a certain number of hours for a fixed price. The number of hours can include hours of various resources allocated to your project – for example 20 hours of developers, 20 hours of business analysts, 20 hours of QA engineers, and 20 of operations specialists for a total of 100 hours per month.

The staff augmentation model is best if you have a project manager in-house and want minimal interference from our team. In the staff augmentation model, we find the perfect match for your project and have the resource onboarded on your team. These resources work as your extended team and augment your internal team.

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