Gtask for Freshsales

Keep your Google Tasks synced with the tasks you create in Freshworks’ CRM.

Capture More Opportunities With Better Sales Activity Management

A single sales cycle involves manifold sales activities and tasks like calls, emails, appointments, and reminders. Staying on top of their game is no doubt, a real challenge for your sales team.

Integrate your CRM with Google Tasks to help your sales agents be more efficient and productive and avoid losing opportunities.

How Does the Gtask for Freshsales App Work?

Gtask for Freshsales CRM integrates Google Tasks in Freshworks CRM so that whenever an agent creates a task in the CRM, his or her Google Tasks list is updated.

Features of Gtask for Freshsales App

Don’t let those exorbitant lists of sales tasks and activities bring your salespeople to their knees. Empower your sales agents with the right tools so they can manage their tasks more effectively.

One Way Sync

Whenever a task is created in CRM, the agent’s Google Tasks list is updated with all relevant fields.

Change Task Assignee

If the task is assigned to someone else from the CRM, the task is automatically synced with the other agent’s Google account and deleted from the previous agent’s account.

Delete Tasks from CRM

Whenever a task is deleted from CRM, it’s deleted from Google Tasks as well.

Pricing Plans


Per Month

Per Agent