Docusign for Freshservice

Send documents for e-signatures and track their status within Freshservice to accelerate ITSM processes and keep things moving fast.

Are Paper-Based Processes Getting In The Way of Efficient ITSM?

Leaving the service desk to get papers and documents signed by managers and signatories is a routine task in a typical day of an IT service agent. Chasing people around for signatures and placing phone calls to get an update on the document’s status costs time, money, and valuable resources of the organization.

DocuSign for Freshservice lets you save your valuable resources and bring efficiencies by digitizing and automating these mundane tasks.

How Does DocuSign for Freshservice App Work?

DocuSign for Freshservice App integrates DocuSign’s e-signature technology with Freshservice, the leading ITSM software by Freshworks. This integration allows IT agents to send documents for e- signatures to signatories from within Freshservice and track their statuses without leaving the Freshservice interface.

Features of DocuSign for Freshservice App

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Upload Documents on Freshservice

Allows agents to upload/attach documents and send them for e-signatures from Freshservice.

Fetch Pre-made Templates from DocuSign

Allows agents to fetch pre-configured templates from DocuSign and send them to signatories.

Send Documents to Multiple Signatories

Agents can add multiple email addresses when sending documents for signatures.

Track Status of Documents on Freshservice

Agents can view the updated status of documents right on Freshservice.

Insert Custom Text on DocuSign Templates

Allows agents to insert custom text that replaces dynamic placeholders on DocuSign templates.

Pricing Plans


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