Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Since its launch in 1969, Royal Caribbean has been driving innovation at sea and has consistently redefined cruise vacationing. Each ship from the global cruise line is a marvel in its own right and has truly pushed the envelope to what is possible onboard.


Woocommerce, Wordpress


eCommerce Development


Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines sought to enhance its online presence by recreating its existing website on WooCommerce and WordPress. The project aimed to facilitate the sale of gifts and souvenirs online, with features like custom personalization of products, QuickBooks integration, and product import via CSV.

The objectives included:

Platform Migration:

    • Transition to WooCommerce and WordPress for a more dynamic and user-friendly online store.


Product Personalization:


    • Implement a feature allowing customers to customize products with their own artwork.


Integration with QuickBooks and XPS Shipping:

  • Ensure seamless management of financial data and shipping services.


Codup, with its adept WordPress developers, created a new WordPress site for Royal Caribbean, incorporating several advanced features:

Custom WordPress Site:

    • Developed the frontend using a client-provided theme and the DIVI page builder, ensuring aesthetic appeal and functionality.


Product Personalization:

    • Integrated the Zakeke WordPress plugin to enable customers to select, customize with their own artwork, and checkout products.


Product Import Option:

    • Enabled the client to upload products using a CSV file, streamlining the product addition process.


Integration with XPS Shipping and QuickBooks:

  • Incorporated the XPS Shipping Integration plugin for efficient shipping services.
  • Integrated QuickBooks using the QuickBooks Integration plugin for seamless financial data management.


The delivery of the new WordPress and WooCommerce site marked a significant enhancement in the online shopping experience for Royal Caribbean’s customers:

Intuitive Customer Experience:

    • The eCommerce store, with its advanced features, offered an intuitive and engaging shopping experience to customers.


Efficient Product Management:

    • The admin could easily manage and upload new products, enhancing operational efficiency.


Seamless Integrations:

    • The integrations with QuickBooks and XPS Shipping ensured streamlined financial and shipping service management.


With Codup’s expertise, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines not only elevated the online shopping experience for its customers but also optimized internal operations, marking a significant stride in their digital transformation journey.

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