KSM Sports and Fitness

KSM Sports and Fitness is no ordinary gym. It’s a place for families to hang out, hold birthday parties, have fun and be entertained while engaging in sports activities and being fit.

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Project Name

KSM Sports and Fitness

Client Name

Ron Horne



KSM Sports and Fitness had a somewhat unique business model. They aimed to grow their business by capturing recurring revenue through monthly membership subscriptions. But it wasn’t as simple as it sounds.

KSM was selling their fitness classes individually and they wanted to offer those classes to their members as part of the users’ membership plans. They offered different tiers of membership plans each with different number of classes allowed for free.

They wanted to optimize the checkout flow so that when a customer subscribed for a membership, he or she would be taken to a checkout form but when the user booked a fitness class afterward, they wouldn’t be directed to a checkout process. They also required a mechanism for the admin to be able to set different levels of membership plans and track the sessions/classes booked by each member.

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Proposed Solution

We built a custom WooCommerce plugin for KSM Sports and Fitness that functioned exactly the way our client wanted it. Our plugin allowed our client to set up classes their customers were allowed to book as part of their membership plans without getting redirected to the checkout process.

We worked with several WooCommerce plugins for this project including WooCommerce Bookings Extension and WooCommerce Memberships while developing the bespoke plugin for KSM. We didn’t just make sure our plugin included all the features our client needed but we also tested it rigorously to make sure it was compatible with all the plugins the site was dependent on.


Our client achieved what he wanted and gave us a raving, five-star review on the project. Here is a snippet of what they had to say, "OH MY GOODNESS!!! I think you nailed this. Just watched the video and just when I was thinking "It's not here" you showed it to me. I am so impressed… I love the error and success messages. I am so happy"

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