Heartland Sheds

Heartland Sheds is a company that is passionate about only one thing: building sheds and helping people build them. They started as a small company in 1975 but even after all these years, they build sheds with the same determination and passion as before – only with better quality.

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Project Name

Heartland Sheds

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Heartland Sheds had a good attractive website where their customers could easily browse their collection of products and place their order online. However, to optimize the user experience and make the buying process more efficient, Heartland Sheds was looking to get additional functionality installed on the site. And for this, they needed custom development work from Codup.

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Proposed Solution

Never intimidated by challenges, Codup took over the task and fulfilled all their customization and website modification requests. A few notable customizations we did were as follows.

Zip code functionality

Right when the user enters the website and selects a product, a pop up appears that asks the user to enter the zip code where he wants the product to be delivered. The website then checks the zip code against available store locations and only lets the user proceed if the product is available at that location.

Ajax cart

Heartland Sheds wanted to update the cart page in real-time so that when a user selects a state, the mini cart updates the tax and other costs relevant to that particular state without having to refresh the entire cart page.
Using Ajax technology, we incorporated this functionality in which the cart got updated in real-time without the whole page getting refreshed.


With the new and improved functionality, our client’s website now delivered a seamless buying experience leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

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