Dyson is a popular name when it comes to home appliances. The British firm designs and manufactures household appliances like vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, heaters, and lights.


Systems Integration, Web Application


  • Dyson was using Freshworks customer service solutions but needed customizations to the platform so they could implement customized Customer Satisfaction Surveys to their customers via SMS.
  • Dyson wanted a very intuitive, yet interactive mobile interface that their users could fill out very quickly from their phones. Freshworks does not provide such capability in their product.
  • They also needed secure access to the survey to only the recipient of the actual SMS.
  • The collected survey then needed to be mapped back to the freshworks CSAT data fields for standardized reporting available natively within Freshworks.


    • Codup created two custom apps – one for Freshdesk, the ticketing platform by Freshworks and the other for Freshsales, a CRM solution by Freshworks.


    • We integrated Freshsales CRM with SMS carrier API to enable sending SMS messages to customers’ mobile numbers based on custom triggers tied to deal stages and custom fields. When triggered, the app sent out dynamic CSAT surveys to contacts via SMS.


    • A custom Freshdesk app was set up that created a ticket automatically when the CSAT survey was sent to the customer.


    • A basic mobile responsive web interface was built to provide a tokenized, secure access to the recipient and capture the survey.


    • The values of the survey form were saved in Freshdesk as custom properties so the agent could see customer’s feedback right away. Those custom fields were also fetched from Freshdesk into Freshsales CRM to give sales agents a birds-eye view of the customer’s feedback.
    • Finally, we used the built-in ‘schedule-event’ feature of Freshsales to trigger one follow-up SMS after a certain number of hours if the customer hadn’t filled in the survey within that time.


    • We created a “scrappy” and low maintenance solution that allowed Dyson to collect valuable CSAT data outside the scope of their CRM solution without having to commit massive capex.


    • Our work allowed Dyson to roll out this custom CSAT within 2 weeks. A project which had been “in progress” for 4 previous months with another vendor.


    • Unlocked several key customer support and branding initiatives at Dyson since these CSATs were meant to collect data on several pilot programs.
    • Allowed Freshworks to retain Dyson as a customer.

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