Optimize Product
Discovery for a
Better CX

Add an intuitive Product Table on your BigCommerce store with search functionality that lets buyers quickly find what they need, add to cart & continue to checkout.

Create a One-Page Shopping Experience
for your Bulk Buyers

Instead of visiting separate product pages to fill their cart, B2B buyers can use the Product Table on your store to search for what they need, view all product information on the table, add to cart multiple products, and continue to checkout.

Before Product table

After Product table

Real-time Search Feature​

Ajax-Powered search feature lets buyers find what they need in real-time without any page reloads. All product information is displayed right on the table so buyers don’t need to visit separate pages. ​

Accommodate Bulk Buyers

The Product Table app lets buyers add multiple products to cart from a single page. Buyers can select multiple products, update the quantity of each of them, and add them to cart – effortlessly.

Exclude Product Categories

You can choose which product categories will show up in the buyer’s search on the product table. You can exclude categories of products that have detailed information and are better displayed on a separate page.

Fully Customizable Interface

From header colors to button colors, you can customize the whole interface of the Product Table. You can also choose which columns or product information to display on the table.


Free Trial: 6 days
Upfront Fee : Free

Features of Product Table for BigCommerce

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