WordPress Multisite Development

How we helped eFax migrate from a cumbersome legacy CMS to WordPress multisite and save millions in ongoing maintenance costs. 


eFax is a leading online fax service that transforms traditional faxing by digitizing the process, making it more accessible, convenient, and efficient for individuals and businesses. By eliminating the need for physical fax machines, phone lines, and paper, eFax allows users to send and receive faxes from anywhere using their email, web browser, or mobile app.



Cumbersome Legacy CMS

eFax was using a legacy CMS that had become accumulated significant technical debt and had become increasingly expensive and cumbersome to manage. The CMS required frequent developer intervention for even minor tasks, leading to high costs. Simple tasks took an inordinate amount of time to complete. With licensing costs set to increase, the urgency to migrate to a more efficient platform was high.

Complex Content and Site Structure

eFax managed 45 subsites, each with its unique content and structure. The goal was to consolidate these subsites, streamlining the overall content management process. By unifying the content structure, eFax aimed to improve user navigation, content discovery, and administrative oversight, ultimately leading to a more organized and manageable digital presence.



Migration to WordPress Multisite

We recommended eFax migrate to a WordPress Multisite architecture to address the inefficiencies and high costs associated with the legacy CMS. The migration process was meticulously planned to ensure all data was accurately transferred without disrupting eFax’s existing operations. We conducted a detailed audit of their current content and data, ensuring that every element was accounted for and migrated seamlessly. 

To make the new platform more efficient for eFax’s team, we aimed to reduce the need for frequent developer interventions. By leveraging WordPress Multisite, we empowered their content team to manage updates and changes independently. We provided extensive training to their content team, enabling them to handle content updates, site management, and minor adjustments without relying on the development team. This shift not only enhanced operational efficiency but also allowed eFax’s content team to be more agile and responsive to business needs. 


Consolidation of subsites

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of their content structure and strategy. We identified opportunities to consolidate content into clusters, reducing the number of subsites and simplifying management.

eFax had a specific requirement to replicate the exact design and content of their existing sites on the new platform. Therefore, website redesign was not part of the process. Instead, we focused on creating an identical look and feel on WordPress Multisite, ensuring that users experienced a seamless transition.


Reusable component library for Elementor

To ensure the solution was both cost-effective and efficient, we conducted a thorough analysis of all components across the 45 subsites.

Based on this analysis, we created a reusable component library in Elementor.

This library enabled us to design all the subsites without the need to build everything from scratch. As a result, the creation and maintenance of new sites became significantly easier and more streamlined.


Custom Theme and Variations of Child Themes

We developed a custom parent theme and four variations of child themes, allowing for tailored designs across different subsites. Each subsite was assigned one of the four child theme variations, ensuring a cohesive yet unique look and feel.


SEO Migration and Technical SEO Implementation

We collaborated with the organization’s SEO agency to implement their technical SEO recommendations, ensuring the new sites maintained and improved their search engine visibility as they migrated to WordPress. 

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