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One reason experts cite when they recommend WooCommerce for online stores is its sheer popularity.

But how can the popularity of a platform influence your choice of an eCommerce platform?

And how popular is WooCommerce exactly?

In this article, we will take you through a rollercoaster of some crazy stats and data that will give you an in-depth and detailed view of how popular WooCommerce is.

Check out the WooCommerce Stats Infographic that shows how popular WooCommerce is in 2020.

woo commerce stats 2020

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How Many People Chose WooCommerce For Their Online Store?

Let’s look at some figures here:

  • WooCommerce has more than 5 million downloads on the WordPress.org plugin store.
  • At the time of writing, around 680,000 people have downloaded WooCommerce in the last 7 days.
  • 71% of plugins/modules detected on the entire internet are… you know what? WOOCOMMERCE CHECKOUT! This makes WooCommerce not just a popular plugin for WordPress but THE most popular plugin on the internet.
  • Among the top 1 million eCommerce stores on the internet, 27% chose WooCommerce followed by a close competitor Shopify at 21%.
  • There are more than 3.8 million live websites that use WooCommerce, making it a MEGA TECHNOLOOGY.

What Kind Of Online Stores Are Built With WooCommerce?

When we talk about online stores, there are different kinds. There are stores that are as big as Amazon and there are those that sell only one product.

There are also sites that have very high technology spend and very high traffic volume while others with low technology spend and low traffic volume.

When we look at how many high traffic sites use WooCommerce, we see that WooCommerce lies somewhere in the middle on a chart that maps many sites vs. fewer sites and high traffic vs. low traffic sites.

Some Examples of Big Sites Using WooCommerce

My research revealed an exhaustive list of websites with high technology spend and high traffic volume that were built with WooCommerce. Here are just a few of them with interesting site data.

The Official Site of Texas Government

The official website of the state of Texas is a place where users can access secure online government services and information. This website is built with WordPress and WooCommerce technologies.

Site Data: 

Technology spend: $10,000+

Alexa ranking: 2,577

Site Traffic in March 2020: 27.6M


Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate programs where affiliate marketers find products to sell and earn affiliate commissions on. Clickbank is built on WordPress and WooCommerce.

Site Data: 

Alexa ranking: 2,313

Site Traffic in March 2020: 4.1M


Groupon is a household name for most Americans. It’s a site where people find great deals and coupons to enjoy savings while they shop. Groupon is built on WooCommerce as well.

Site Data:

Technology spend: $10,000+

Alexa ranking: 1,742

Site traffic in March 2020: 63.6M

How Big Is The WooCommerce Ecosystem?

One reason why the popularity of WooCommerce is such a big deal is because of its expansive ecosystem it has developed.

The number of themes, plugins and WooCommerce specific services mean that you have a lot of options and choices when it comes to developing your store on WooCommerce.

Whether it’s what to sell or how you sell, you have complete freedom and tons of choices in the way your store functions. And this is all thanks to the massive ecosystem of WooCommerce.

Let’s take a look at how big it is:

3000+ WooCommerce themes at WordPress.org, Theme Forest and Template Monster

3000+ WooCommerce plugins at WordPress.org, WooCommerce.com and CodeCanyon

1000+ third party developers on Slack WooCommerce Community

To Conclude…

So, you get a clear picture of how big and popular WooCommerce is. It’s apparently not just a free tool small sites use to quickly get their store up. Contrary to that, it is in fact, used by some big names in the eCommerce industry. This data shows that WooCommerce is a scalable and extensible platform.

The freedom it gives in what can be done is phenomenal, which makes it a good choice of platform in the long run.

The bottom-line is: if you have chosen WooCommerce to build your online store, you have definitely NOT made a mistake.

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  1. Thanks to this tutorial I’m SO close to exactly what I want to do – much appreciated! The only remaining thing I would like to do is change the text from Add to Cart to something like Book this Course. Is this possible?


  2. Hey! WooCommerce is so flexible, we can do anything. but the level of complexity differs. what you’re asking isn’t really possible without getting your hands dirty with code. I just talked to our Business Analyst about the possible workarounds for this.

    You can use action and filter hooks to change the Add to Cart button on individual templates of WooCommerce. So if you change the Add to Cart text on the product archive template using an action hook, the change will be reflected on all Add to Cart buttons on that page.

    To truly achieve what you want i.e changing the text of the button using shortcode, the best implementation will be to edit the code files and either add a text parameter to the Add to Cart shortcode or create a new shortcode for you. that way, you can display whatever text you wish to display on the button. Hope that makes sense!

    Please reach out if you need more help!

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