13 Painfully Annoying Things You’ll Understand If You’re An In-House Marketer

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No matter what industry you’re in, being a marketer can be both exciting and annoying at the same time. 

Here are 13 things you’ll resonate with if you’re an in-house marketer responsible for bringing real, tangible results that increase the bottom line.

1- When your Campaigns Go Through Dry Periods and You Wonder What’s Gone Wrong

I mean, you broke sales records just yesterday and today, it’s crickets on your site. And you’ve no idea why!

2- And Then You Get Those Frowns from your Boss…

Rain or not – wasn’t it supposed to be a natural phenomenon? 

You wish you could say this as coolly as this guy when your boss asks for an explanation:

3- When Your Company Introduces a New Service or Product Without Market Research and Expects Marketing to Sell it

As if Marketing was some magic that could generate demand out of thin air!

4- When You’re Writing Emails and You are Not Sure of The Subject Line

It’s one of those times when the phrase “your life is on the line” feels literal.

If no one ever told you yet, this is probably what you look like when thinking about the subject line:

5- When your Marketing Emails Get Good Open Rates But Only 0.1% CTR

Why can’t they just show some love?

This gif perfectly explains how you feel in this situation:

6- When You’re Not Sure Which Marketing Strategy To Focus On 

You have no idea what to focus on with so many different marketing methodologies out there – inbound marketing, account-based marketing, cold outreach, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and whatnot.

7- When you Ask An Expert Which Strategy is better and the Answer You Get is:

No matter how annoying it may be, most questions in marketing have the same answer: it depends! Because it’s all about testing. What worked for someone might not work for you.

So accept it and get back to work.

8- When the Advertising Platform You Just Mastered Overhauled Completely

Remember when you just thought you are a Facebook Ad Pro and Facebook rolled out the Meta interface!

9- When Upper Management Wants Results but Don’t Want to Increase Budget

When they ask you for the reports, you don’t know what to ask for. More time or more budget?

10- When You Realize Your Campaign Targeting was Off and You Didn’t Hit the Right Pain Points

Because all of your marketing success depends on how well you know your persona. 

11- When Everyone Keeps Asking you for More Variations…

If you’ve just started out in marketing, you’ll soon accept it as part of life. 

12 – When You Check Lead Attribution and Your Heart Sinks every time you see “Direct Traffic”

You wear your detective hats and try to drill out the real attribution of the lead. But… 

13- When You Need a New Website Feature and Can’t Get it Fast Enough

That website feature will be the end to all your woes but you need someone to get it done fast so the idea doesn’t get all over the place. 

You, when the freelance developer finally delivers the project:

C’mon stop whining already. Hire Codup and make your life “One-Pain-less”.

Trust me, we won’t let you age a decade while you wait for your project delivery.

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