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The global eCommerce sector is vast. In 2020, the value of eCommerce sales globally reached $4.206 trillions. Yes! You read it right trillions. The size of the eCommerce industry is rapidly growing for over a decade. 

eCommerce Sector

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It’s fair to state that online shopping has tremendously revolutionized retail. As eCommerce began to take hold, all the pessimistic forecasters claimed it would be a death blow for retail jobs. The golden era of shop assistants, they believe, was over. 

That could be right up to some extent, but the assumption that eCommerce would damage the job market isn’t. Maybe you no longer need an in-person retail assistant for each customer, but you definitely need 1000s of employees to handle your online store operations. 

If you’re eager and compassionate to join them, then you have landed in the right place. In this comprehensive article, we’ll tell you all the important things you need to know about the eCommerce marketplace and jobs. That includes,

  • Why are jobs in the eCommerce industry so coveted?
  • Which are the hot of the press eCommerce jobs around?

Why look for the right eCommerce job now?

eCommerce is a huge business. However, if you ask someone the name of the top pioneers of this industry, most of them will come back with ‘eBay or Amazon’. This is such a thriving sector, there are many possible reasons to seek part-time or full-time jobs in eCommerce organizations.

eCommerce has an outstanding deep-rooted global growth outlook 

In this chaotic situation, where industries are striving hard to survive, the future of the eCommerce industry looks brighter. 

During COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of people shopped online at least once. It’s certainly one of the biggest changes we have seen in this decade apart from growth in remote working tradition. Plenty of people, who never even thought about online shopping, had a great exposure to eCommerce during lockdown. 

That will definitely impact the shopping habits and style well beyond the end of the pandemic. 

eCommerce evokes the emotion of empathy 

To stay relevant and succeed in this cut-throat competitive market it’s essential to deliver outstanding user-experience and must be customer-centric. That’s why it’s necessary to teach your staff how to understand and empathize with customers. It’s as essential as providing basic tools to aid communication. 

eCommerce exposes you to every aspect of a business

eCommerce jobs are multi-faceted by nature. When you start working for an eCommerce organization, you’ll get various tasks to complete. That’s how this industry operates. The same staff carries out various activities.

One day you might be editing the terms and conditions document, the next, you might be monitoring the brand’s social media activities. The wide-ranging experience you gain in this industry will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Hot-off-the-press eCommerce jobs 

As the eCommerce sector continues to grow, so do the job opportunities. Far more than you realize, a lot goes into making an online order go seamlessly. Here are the 14 examples of types of jobs out there in the eCommerce industry waiting for you to seize them.

Entry-level jobs in the eCommerce industry

New or fresh employees are whole-heartedly welcomed in the eCommerce sector. If you want to reach the top of the hierarchy you may have to start your journey with entry-level jobs and work your way up. Unlike other industries, you’ll find a myriad of entry-level jobs available in the eCommerce sector.

Some entry-level jobs are:

  • Internships 

A great way to make your place in a big organization. The beauty of being an intern is you can learn new skills and showcase your talent without having any prior experience.

As an intern you’re expected to do any task that is assigned to you. You won’t be asked to do fancy jobs like developing a mobile application. You might even be asked to make coffee by managers.

  • Customer service representative
Customer service representative

Customer service representatives are the front-line workers without whom no eCommerce company can sustain. These are those bunch of people who answer customers’ queries and handle all their problems. At times, they also handle the inbound sales. 

Apart from this, sometimes they also handle other business areas like web designing, email marketing, to name a few. The average wage of customer service representatives is around $15 per hour across the sector.

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  • Marketing specialist

Marketing is a fundamental part of an eCommerce business. They help businesses to understand and track latest market trends. Marketing specialists ensure that new promotions, services, products, and more get customized to buyer demands. 

Moreover, big enterprises hire marketing managers to handle a team of marketing specialists and all the marketing operations.

  • SEO content writer

In this age of the internet, the search engine is the liege lord. No eCommerce business can thrive and succeed without driving plenty of traffic to their pages. An SEO content is essential to increase the traffic on a website and improve search engine rankings. 

These employees are responsible for writing seo-optimized content for eCommerce websites. They are also involved in other activities such as link building. 

Though it seems like a small eCommerce job but companies like Clarks, hire a full team of creative seo writers. While some companies even outsource the job to specialists. 

  • Warehouse personnel
Warehouse personnel

One of the most critical parts of an eCommerce business is logistics. No matter if you have the best marketing specialists or seo writers in the world, but your company will collapse you cannot fulfill the orders. 

Warehouse personnel are those workers who are responsible for fulfilling each order. They pick the products ordered, pack them and make sure they are sent on time. They are also responsible to maintain the inventory and update systems or colleagues on stock levels, ensuring companies don’t under or over sell.

All eCommerce firms excluding those who dropship their products will hire warehouse personnel. 

  • Administrative assistant

Operating an eCommerce business is a pretty challenging job. Companies need plenty of adminis to handle different tasks including, doing the accounts, collecting supplier payments, to name a few. 

An administrative assistant shoulders the burden of managing organization. In smaller firms, an admin assistant also plays the role of customer service representative. However, the big brands usually hire specialists who have no immediate connection with the customers.

  • Retention specialist
Retention specialist

A retention specialist job description varies across the eCommerce industry. Commonly, a retention specialist job is to keep the customer loyal to a brand and maintain the consumer base, in whatever way they can. 

All their job is to make sure the customer keeps coming back to the online store for more. In some firms, they’re also responsible for creating eBooks or to reach out to customers to get their valuable feedback.

Experienced-level jobs in the eCommerce industry

One of the great things about the eCommerce industry is that it has equal opportunities for experienced candidates. 

  • Graphic designer

eCommerce is a visual industry. The visual imagery used in marketing materials or eCommerce sites plays a significant role in influencing and encouraging the customers. After all, ‘online customers’ cannot view the products ‘in the flesh’. 

A graphic designer handles all the crucial visual communication for an eCommerce business. They are incharge of designing website pages, guidelines, feature images, site maps, user flow and stories, and much more. 

  • Developer

There are mainly two types of deves who work for eCommerce businesses – software and website developers. The role of the developers is pretty self-explanatory. They are often given the task to build specialist applications or databases. 

Less established eCommerce companies usually out-source the development work or use off-the-rack eCommerce solutions. Whereas, well-established enterprises who can afford hefty wages hire professional developers.

  • IT Technician

eCommerce businesses usually have extensive infrastructures. Most of them have a lot of hardware in warehouses and offices and may use various software. An IT technician is responsible for providing all-necessary technical support. The complex  IT infrastructure is, the more proficient IT technicians will be needed.

  • Digital marketing manager
Digital marketing manager

There’s a fair bit of crossover in the roles of digital marketing and digital operations managers. However, this is a more specialized job title. The role of this type of manager focuses on creating customer-facing materials. 

A digital marketing manager manages all the online promotions of an eCommerce brand. They make use of tools such as Heap, Google Analytics or Leadfeeder and manage other marketing team members, including social media managers and SEO content writers. 

  • Customer satisfaction manager

We have already touched on the necessity of top class customer service in this sector. Unsatisfied customers without any hesitation abandon digital brands. Therefore, large enterprises hire a dedicated customer satisfaction manager.

This individual overview of a brand’s all attempts to improve customer experience. They are also incharge of non-managerial customer service employees. 

  • Financial manager

From small-sized to large enterprises, each requires a professional individual to manage the finances. A financial manager has the ultimate responsibility to control a firm’s finances. It means they look after expenditure, budgets, payroll etc. 

  • Director of ecommerce
Director of ecommerce

The one who owns the conch, the big chess. Yes, you get it right. The director of an eCommerce business is in-charge of all online shopping operations of a firm. All the managers working in a firm answers to the director of a firm. The most significant business decisions are taken by a director and this is where the buck stops.


eCommerce undoubtedly is a booming sector. Even amid the uncertainty of pandemic, online shopping is a powerful industry. That makes it an ideal place to launch a career.Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, there are plenty of hot-off-the-press jobs available in this sector. 

Find the right job role and build your soft and technical skills to make yourself a compulsive candidate. 

Was there anything that we missed that you would like to know more about? Do let us know in the comments below – we would love to hear from you.

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