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How do you provide SMS customer support? Do you need a big budget for an SMS service? Is it something only big giants like Uber can provide to its customers? 

Before we dive into the meat of the post, let’s take a few steps back and see how popular SMS and text messaging are right now.

Do I need to state any fancy numbers and percentages to convince you how popular text messaging is right now? 

Messaging apps are all over the place. You can see them everywhere – on your screen, on your friends’ screens, and in your customers’ lives. 

Everyone prefers to text as compared to placing calls and sending emails. 

And especially when it comes to calling businesses to seek help and support, your customers are screaming a big fat ‘NO’.

They DREAD calling you. And do you know why? Because only 14% of calls made to businesses are answered without being put on hold. 

Whether you’re a small business or a fortune 500 company, offering SMS customer service has become totally effortless and inexpensive today. 

Read on to find out how you can provide customer support on SMS without spending a fortune. 

First things first, why SMS Customer Support?

When it comes to messaging, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have no doubt dominated this world. However, the good old SMS has some unique benefits too: 

  • SMS uses the native functionality of a phone and doesn’t require the installation of any apps.
  • A text can be sent without an internet connection. 
  • SMS works on every phone – even the old Nokia 3310
  • Providing customer support on SMS is really easy with cloud communications platforms like Twilio

The Tools You Need To Provide SMS Customer Service

To provide customer service on texting services like SMS and WhatsApp, you first need a helpdesk system that handles ticketing and customer care. Though there are plenty of helpdesk programs to choose from, we recommend using Freshdesk by Freshworks. 

Freshdesk is a robust ticketing system with easy-to-use features and a wide collection of extra apps that allow you to improve your customer service and automate business operations. 

Besides, you can easily provide SMS customer service using the AireComms’ Twilio SMS app for Freshdesk. 

AireComm’s Twilio SMS app for Freshdesk allows your customers to seek help and support by sending you a simple SMS using their phone’s native SMS service – no internet connection required. 

When a message is received, the app creates a ticket inside Freshdesk and assigns it to your agents who can then take care of the issue using the robust features of Freshdesk. Agents can also send a message to customers via SMS. 

Unlike other SMS apps that only send a no-reply SMS notification, AireComm’s Twilio SMS allows two-way SMS communication between the agent and customer. 

Your customers can send and reply to messages received from agents on SMS while agents can also send messages to customers and keep them updated about their tickets. 

Having the ability to reply to SMS notifications is truly going to be a delightful experience for your customers. It will make them feel like talking to a friend – rather than talking to a business!

Want to actually see how it all works? Check out the video review at the end of this post.

So, how do you get started and set up your customer support on SMS?

Here is a step-by-step guide that will get you started easily. 

SMS Customer Support Step 1: Create a Freshdesk Account

Click here to get started with Freshdesk. 

Choose a plan that suits your business requirements and set up your account using step-by-step instructions provided by the set-up wizard. 

SMS Customer Support Step 2: Create a Twilio Account

The AireComms’ Twilio SMS app is an integration of Twilio with Freshdesk. To get started with this App, you need both: an account on Freshdesk and a Twilio Account. 

To create the Twilio Account, go to and sign up for their service. 

Once you sign up, you’ll receive a Twilio phone number. You can then upload credit in your account.

That’s it. Go ahead and set up the AireComms’ Twilio SMS app now. 

SMS Customer Service Step 3: Install the AireComms’ Twilio SMS App 

Once you’ve your Freshdesk and Twilio accounts set up, you then need to install the AireComms’ Twilio SMS app for Freshdesk. 

To do that, click the gear icon at the bottom of the left-side menu on the main Freshdesk account dashboard. 

Step 3 of Offering SMS customer support: Install the AireComms

Go to Apps under Helpdesk Productivity. 

SMS customer support using Twilio Plus app for freshdesk

Click Get More Apps. 

In the search bar, search for ‘AireComms Twilio SMS’ App. 

Hit Install button to install the App to your account. 

Once installed, the App will appear on the Apps page. Make sure the app is activated and the toggle button is switched on. Click the gear icon on the right to configure its settings. 

Purchase the License Key from AireComms’ Official Store

Open another tab and go to AireComms’ official store to purchase the license key. 

Choose a plan that meets your business requirements and purchase the license key. 

You’ll receive the license key in your email. 

It’s now time to take care of some technical details before you can delight your customers with SMS support. 

Configure Settings and Templates

Go back to your AireComms Twilio SMS App’s settings page on the previous tab. 

Configure Settings of airecomms app to start offering text customer service

If it’s your first time using this app, you first need to sign up by entering your details in the sign-up form. 

When done, you’ll be prompted to enter your license key at the top of the settings page. 

Enter the key you received in your inbox earlier. 

Now, you need to enter some authentication details of your Freshdesk and Twilio Accounts: 

  • Your Twilio Phone Number
  • Twilio Auth Token
  • Freshdesk domain
  • Freshdesk API key

If you’re not sure where to get these details, you’ll find easily accessible links underneath all the fields that link to different support articles. 

Once you enter these details and validate your Twilio and Freshdesk accounts, you can go ahead and configure the App and explore all the different features it offers. 

Here is a run-down of all the features of AireComms Twilio SMS app for Freshdesk. 

  1. Configurable Auto-Responder SMS
  2. SMS Templates for Automated outbound SMS sent on two events: ticket status change and new reply on ticket.
  3. Personalization tags for personalized automated SMS messages
  4. SMS templates to reply to repeated customer queries more efficiently
  5. Creating new tickets automatically when customers sends SMS
  6. WhatsApp support to enable 2-way communication on WhatsApp
  7. Support for multiple Twilio Numbers to configure separate support channels for each number 
  8. Broadcast SMS that allows agents to send SMS to all customers

The AireComms Twilio SMS app is your token to superior customer service that will help you crush your competition and make a dent in the market. 

Easily carve out a piece for yourself in the tough and competitive marketplace of today by offering ease and convenience your customers will be thankful for. 

Check out this short video review of the AireComm’s Twilio Plus App for Freshdesk and see all features in action.

Want to integrate live chat software with SMS service? Check out the AireComm’s Twilio for Freshchat Integration.

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