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Whether your eCommerce business is small or large, all the online stores struggle to increase consumer traffic and revenues. However, due to fierce competition, saturated markets, and increased marketing and advertising expenditures, it is becoming more difficult to distinguish yourself and earn profits.

It’s time to join the fray and develop the necessary defences to ensure survival and victory – the best plan is to jump-start your eCommerce marketing.

There are several marketing actions you may take to boost your eCommerce conversion rate. The difficult part is finding out which marketing tactics will have the most impact on your business. That’s why we’ve made things a lot easier and simpler for you, and reduced the number of options to a considerably smaller set.

We’ve compiled a list of 06 marketing tactics to assist you in converting more customers and driving more sales.

So without any further ado, let’s begin.

eCommerce marketing is a complex system comprising several components that work together to generate revenue. In a nutshell, it is endless. You can do plenty of things only if you’re inventive. However, if you attempt to perform too many things at once, you’re likely to become disoriented.

So, today in this post, we’ll discuss three tactics for increasing sales by addressing all critical touch points. Here are these three tactics are designed to bring in more customers, drive more sales, and repeat purchases:

  • Expand your consumer base
  • Increase the average value of order
  • Make more loyal customers

Expand your consumer base

To grow in this competitive eCommerce industry, you have to bring in a consistent stream of new customers. However, getting new consumers is not as simple as snapping your fingers.

customer base

To successfully market your products, you must strive to connect with your customers and entice them into your eCommerce store. Below are two actionable tactics that will help you to grow your consumer base:

1- Connect with Instagram influencers

Instagram is widely recognised as one of the most successful marketing platforms available to savvy e-tailers and consumers. Due to its popularity, it has the fourth highest conversion rate.

To maximise the Instagram platform’s potential, interact with prominent personalities in order to get new customers and expand into unexplored sectors. When searching for Instagram influencers, narrow down your search by evaluating their reputation, image, level of engagement, and followers.


Additionally, you might provide complimentary samples of your items to your Instagram influencers. In exchange, you can request an Instagram post highlighting your products.

Apart from using Instagram to market your product by asking influencers to post about it, you can also offer each influencer with a unique promotional code to share with their followers. It will pique their interest and inspire them to pay a visit to your store to check what you’re up to.

2- Launch your business on Facebook

According to many experienced online marketers, Facebook is the unrivalled social media network that provides the best return on investment (ROI). 

The good news is Facebook has just launched an eCommerce feature, a shop section. The store area enables you to list all of your items on your Facebook business profile, allowing you to interact with more customers.

Launch your business

It’s past time for you to create your own Facebook page and capitalise on it. It’s pretty simple to add your products to your Facebook marketplace. Using this gives you the option to highlight your product titles and prices. Third-party integration is available for online retailers who already own a store on WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

By using this, you will be able to display products from your current eCommerce store in your Facebook shop area, eliminating the need to have a separate inventory.

Boost your average order value

The average amount customers willingly splurge when making a purchase is called average order value. The average order value (AOV) is the average amount  when placing an order. Increase your average order value, and more sales will be made because you are making most out of each customer transaction.

Average Order Value

Use personalised product selection software that uses predictive analytics technologies, like SwiftERM, which identifies consumer’s future behaviour, and ranks each SKU by the greatest likelihood of “that individual consumer” purchasing it next. This is the highest ROI in marketing currently. AOV and CLV soar and RoR is all but eliminated. 

Here are two actionable ways to boost your customer’s average order value:

New call-to-action

Cross-sell your products

Cross-selling occurs when an online retailer suggests products that complement the product(s) that the consumer has chosen to purchase.Cross-selling tactics typically steer customers to things they would have purchased anyhow. Show cross-sell items at the proper time to avoid losing a potential purchase.

Cross sell products

Cross-sell items are often accessories, components, or any item that complements the acquired product. To encourage cross-sell offers, use headlines such as “Customers who bought this item also bought” or “often bought together.”

If a consumer adds any product to their shopping basket, for example, you may display an appealing popup to capture his attention. Keep in mind that cross-sell goods should cost 60% or less of the primary product.

Provide add-on services

Basically, the term add-on services refers to the fees or charges that are generally added to the base price of a product in return for additional pecuniary features and advantages such as technical support subscriptions, warranties, and protection plans.


Typically, buyers acquire add-on services to secure their peace of mind for an unforeseen event or the need for extra services in the future. You should immediately address your customers’ needs while also increasing the order value of their transaction by charging for add-on services that assuage their fears.

Your eCommerce store can provide a range of add-on services depending on the industry in which you operate and the items you sell. Assume you’re an online retailer of cellphones or other electronic devices. In addition to warranties, you may provide extended technical support. 

Make more loyal customers

After you have earned a customer’s repeat business, the next step is to retain them. As an eCommerce merchant you need to ensure to develop not only effective marketing startegy but also need simple customer retention strategies to earn their loyalty.

loyal customers

Below are two actionable tactics to increase customer loyalty and retention rate:

Offer limited-time discounts and promotions

Are you familiar with Mcdonald’s most popular burger, McRib? If yes, you already know that promotional and limited-time offers work. McRib was launched in 1981 and has been available on and off since then. Customers’ expectations were raised by the product’s limited-time attraction and scarcity.

Humans deeply desire to get hold of those things that are available for a limited-time period in limited quantity. Everyone wants to be the first person to get hold of things that others desperately wish for. They have this fear of missing out as known as FOMO. Apart from that, it boosts anticipation and encourages previous consumers to return for special incentives.


Also, limited-edition does not automatically imply limited-time. By making limited-time deals, you can create a sense of scarcity and urgency. To create a sense of scarcity among customers, utilise headlines such as “five items left in stock.” A sales campaign countdown timer may also serve to create urgency.

Offer excellent customer service

Customers are your company’s lifeblood. Keeping your customers happy is essential for growing sales in an online store. Keep your consumers satisfied and happy  if you want to earn trust and build your reputation. This will assist you in both retaining an existing consumer base  and attracting new customers.

You should offer reliable, consistent and outstanding customer experience in order to boost customer satisfaction. Customers only prefer to purchase from brands with whom they can easily connect and communicate through phone, social media, or email. 

Customer service

There are several tactics to improve customer service. Provide a live chat option so that they can contact you immediately and you can manage their difficulties, solve their worries, or answer their questions as soon as you can.

Final thoughts

Cost-effective and sustainable means are required to capitalise on the positive impacts of eCommerce marketing in the ever-changing eCommerce marketplace.

To establish effective methods and successful plans, focus on three areas: expanding your consumer base, boosting the average order value (AOV), and growing the number of loyal customers.

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